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Fate Versus Free Will – What Are Your Life Choices?

If you believed in narrating wealth through the zodiac, then you’ve probably asked yourself at some point who is winning the battle of fate versus free will. Perhaps there will be no clear victor in this never-ending war that will last forever.

Fate was defined as the force believed to predetermine events. It is the end result or result. Fate hints that you have no choice in the outcome of your life. Who you are, what you become everything determined by fate. Once you are born, your future is fixed and irreversible. What the stars reveal in fortune-telling is exactly the ending they will meet. Fate does not give you free rein to adjust your future.

On the other hand, free will, the opponent of fate, gives you hope that you are somewhat responsible for your own destiny. Free will can be interpreted as the power of independent action and choice. It allows you to make decisions that may change what fate originally held in store for you. You may not always make smart decisions or choices but the end result will depend on the choices you made. Your final result will be from your choice. Fate will not participate.

Much of what was originally believed to be in the hand of fate has now turned into questions of freedom of choice. The old saying “Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends.” At one point, you were convinced your biological parents were predestined. You thought fate brought you into the family you had. Modern fertilization techniques have definitely changed that assertion. Fate is no longer the only savior for children. Free will also gives birth to babies now.

If you receive a terrible alert, you have the option to make decisions to change that fortune or let fate work its way. Either decision is still a decision you make, so free will prevails.

It might seem like you are stuck in a dead end and your sign is telling you not to make any serious changes. Well, you can follow your heart and pursue the job you love or stay the same bleak job. Your choice, your decision and free will win again.

On the other hand, an overabundance of free will may be the cause of the high divorce rate we are seeing today. Instead of following your heart or destiny, you can pick and choose certain traits of a permanent partner. Adopting intelligent thinking and choosing a partner based on compatibility or other traits rather than fateful love may be the reason why divorce courts are so busy.

The Roman statesman Claudius said, “Every man is the architect of his own destiny.” You have control of your destiny through the choices and decisions you make at every moment. Any prediction of wealth can be altered to lead to a good or evil outcome. The battle of fate rages against free will in all of us.

Source by Marcus C. S. Tan

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