For fans of La Casa de Papel: Top 7 Non-English Speaking Foreign TV Series

If you are thinking of seeing a foreign act that is not English this time, far from American or British culture, there is a vast sea of ​​Spanish, German, Danish, South Korean works and many, many more. Here we recommend 7 of the best Series Foreign non-English television.

  • Money Hiest – Netflix

Inspired by its native Spain, the fun crime thriller series La Casa de Papel (“House of Cards”) is called, in which the heroes plan to take over the royal mint.

In the series, a mysterious man dubbed “The Professor” prepares for the biggest robbery, and it was basically the dream of his father, who was unable to fulfill it due to his death by police bullets during one of his robberies, but his son, Professor, has recruited 8 people who are called kinetic names that are the names of international cities And they have criminal records and they have nothing to lose, so they accept his participation in the crime.

  • Kingdom – Netflix

As with pop music, South Korea is a prolific exporter of TV shows, from wild romance to smart thrillers.

The historical fiction series Kingdom is a daring blend of palace intrigues in a corrupt 16th-century royal court and a zombie infestation. Do we see it as an act of a ruling class mismanaging a national health crisis? The series runs both as an overwhelming epic and pungent irony.

  • Borgen Series – Netflix

Many of us fell in love with the newly released crime series such as The Killing and The Bridge, but what Borgen presented was somewhat different, as it was a political drama with complex details, but it could be identified with it, in which the Prime Minister who had principles prevailed (who played the role of the actress) Sides Babbitt Knudsen) on the deception of the Allied Power in Denmark.

The BBC’s successful four-season show ended in 2013, but a sequel to Netflix has been confirmed.

  • Deutschland 83/86/89 series – Walter Presents

Deutschland 83 series, the first successful Walter Presents stand, depicts a Cold War espionage mission that doubles as a masterful show of German fashion in the 1980s on either side of the Berlin Wall. The series’ newly released third season continues the story in a particularly turbulent year.

  • Babylon Berlin – Now TV

Both aspects of the successes and low levels of economic growth of the Weimar Republic are raised in 1929 in this German mass-produced drama. His dark story makes you shiver as if you are dreaming under the influence of a fever, as well as the excitement added by the struggle between a policeman on a secret mission and the gangsters.

  • Gomorrah Series – Now TV Platform

This grim work that delves into the biography of the Camorra gang, created by investigative journalist Roberto Saviano, who is also the owner of the drug-themed ZeroZeroZero drama, strikes the Italian organized crime system of all that remains of its enchanting legacy. Watching the four seasons entails a great degree of calmness, as tribal loyalties disintegrate and tantrums explode without warning.

  • Trapped – Amazon Prime Video

This new hit TV show from Iceland has a clever attraction in its first season: the hunt for a killer in a hunting community isolated by snowstorms.

However, the actual secret behind his uniqueness was the strong performance of his hero, Olafur Dali and Lavson. The contemplative sheriff presented by him – a mighty mind embraced by a fragile entity – lends this stormy television work a measure of weight.

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