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The Saudi Library Authority has provided the Make Available Manuscripts service on its official website as this project is qualitative worldwide, and the Authority will make manuscripts available to all browsers, researchers and interested parties, in the interest of the Saudi Library Authority in support of the free access to information via the link email:

The service is designed to save researchers and interested parties the time and effort of viewing the manuscript and all related details, including: a copy of the manuscript, its title, description, subject, author’s full name, date of death, beginning and end of the manuscript , Name of the scribe, font, number and size of pages, transcription arrangement, storage location, archive number and general information about it

qualitative project

This project is of high quality worldwide, particularly in the Arab world, where the library authority has gone to great lengths to access these manuscripts and make them available as part of a previously launched project in which a number of agreements with the leading Authorities and owners of digitized manuscripts in Saudi Arabia, with the aim of presenting the multitude of rare manuscripts, documenting the place of their preservation, highlighting them and making them available under one platform.


Statistics show that the kingdom owns more than 27% of the total original Arabic and Islamic manuscripts in the Arab countries, in addition to independent manuscript departments in most of the Saudi libraries and laboratories for restoration and maintenance with the latest technologies, in addition to encouraging the study and Publish manuscripts by supporting graduate study programs at universities and automatically making manuscript catalogs available to all researchers inside and outside the Kingdom.

Manuscripts mean anything that has been handwritten, be it a book, document, or letter, be it in Arabic or otherwise.


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