Fridge-sized window falls on Arizona mall customer, officials say

Glass falling from a decorative window in the ceiling struck a man shopping at an Arizona mall on Saturday, severely lacerating him, firefighters said.

the the accident took place at the Arrowhead Towne Center in Glendale when a window near the ceiling shattered and a piece “the size of a refrigerator” hit the man, KPNX reported.

Glass fell about three floors, according to AZ Family.

“Together broken glass and ran into a guy, ”read the caption of a Twitter video showing a trail of blood after the incident.

The injured man was reported in stable state, reported The Arizona Republic. Firefighters treated two others, one for emotional trauma and one who thought he had swallowed glass.

“We are still investigating the cause at this time,” mall manager Jesse Benites told KPNX. He said some stores are closed for repairs but the mall remains open.

Ernesto Quintero Jr. told The Arizona Republic that the glass looked like “falling ice cubes” with loud clicking noises.

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