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Gardens of the first love is the last love, my lady

The Moroccan artist Jannat admitted that her way of thinking and planning for her future changed after marriage and the birth of her first child, and indicated that she doubted falling in love with whom she would marry, but the experience proved the opposite of her beliefs and said that the first love is the last love and the first impression lasts in appearance only, but our view of the essence changes over time. .

Jannat confirms that the first impression does not last

Jannat added in an interview to the program “For the First Time”, on Radio Energy 92.1, that she does not make many distant plans, as she tends to short plans, and continued: I was moving away quickly, but after marriage and childbirth the matter changed a lot.

About her marriage, she said: Before marriage there was a period when I thought that I would not love my husband, but the matter changed 5 years ago. Time in it. “

Regarding her little appearance, the artist Janat said: “A lot was referring to my eclipse due to not appearing much and not attending events intensely, but with the passage of time the situation changed completely, so I started appearing in programs, some events, and recently social media.

And she continued: The first love is the last love, and she always believes that the culprits are the ends.

She went on to say: I always like to be associated with time in order to accomplish something, but unfortunately I fail many times. She revealed that she participated for the first time in a singing competition in Morocco entitled “The Stars of Tomorrow” when she reached the age of eight.

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