Get rid of “digital toxins” and get ready to make money … an American company that pays everyone who goes away from the screens for a whole day!

Reviews of America, a testing company for devices and services, launched a 24-hour challenge to get rid of what it describes as “digital toxins”, as the company will pay selected competitors more than $ 2,000 to stay a full day without use. Screens all types.

According to network report CNN America, Saturday 20 March 2021, the company wrote on its website, where those aspiring to digital detoxification come forward: “If you have the desire to stay away from your devices for the whole day, but you need to get the money, this is your perfect opportunity.”

Do you stick in front of social networks? Gorgeous

To help determine who complies with the requirements to apply, the company poses some discriminatory questions.

According to the company, the ideal candidate is someone who is “definitely tech-savvy” and willing to take on the challenge, and while it may seem easy to walk away from Instagram, the challenge is more comprehensive.

It’s not as easy as it sounds

Not only do those selected for the challenge give up their phones for a day, but also televisions, game consoles, computers, smart watches and smart home devices (and possibly amplifiers), all of which are prohibited in the challenge with the exception of microwaves, according to the company.

The company wrote that the competitors will receive a locker to put their electronic devices in it 24 hours a day, in addition to a $ 200 Amazon gift card to place a “survival kit” without technology.

Some of the Reviews.org survival group proposals also include using a writing machine instead of a computer, writing paper instead of text messages, and paints and brushes instead of selfies.

Challenge participants will be required to review a survival kit and provide an evaluation of the experience after completing the challenge, but they will do so with the desired title “2021 Digital Detox Challenger” (2021 Digital Detox Challenger).

Screen time “poses an increased health risk

The company’s challenge comes at a time when “screen time” has taken on a new meaning.

The pandemic has forced people to work remotely, and students to study online, making phones more necessary than ever.

To participate in the challenge, the company asks for a bit of personal information, and a 100-word question about why you were the right person for the challenge. Applications will be open until March 26th and the company will announce the winners of CenShe was arrested on YouTube on March 29.

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