Google mistakenly classifies a former assistant to Trump as president of America! He took advantage of the incident and issued executive orders

Richard Grenell, a Republican leader and former acting director of National Intelligence, was cheered by a mistake Google made on Saturday, March 20, when the search engine classified him as “the president of the United States since 2021”.

Richard Grenell, a former Trump aide and potential Republican running for governor of California, took the opportunity to mock de facto President Joe Biden and promise to issue a raft of executive orders.

Where Grenell said in Tweet In it, Joe Biden mocks: “I’m going up the stairs without stumbling over.”

Biden had bog down Several times while climbing the stairs of Air Force One, Friday, in an event that Grenell had previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the media’s criticism of what Donald Trump Jr. published of a motion picture showing his father hitting Biden with a golf ball.

Where Grenell said in TweetWashington, DC newspapers inflict humor and laughter in the deaths.

Executive orders

Grenell also pledged to issue a set of executive orders, as he returned to publish a new tweet that included the first orders in his capacity as the president appointed by Google, namely “building a LNG terminal as soon as possible on the West Coast of the United States (preferably in California)” and “building many Desalination plants and new nuclear power plants in California. “

But by lunchtime on the East Coast on a Saturday, fix The Google His mistake.

But Grenell will likely run for state office rather than national office. Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor of California, is vulnerable to a vote of no-confidence. And in February, Reported Reports that Grenell discussed his running for governor with Trump.
Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida, He said Grenell: “Of course, if a public official cannot fulfill his promises, and if you cannot reduce his tenure or withdraw confidence from him in time, there is always one other option. To run in front of him yourself.”

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