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Hayat Cheetah’s sister dies and the stars offer condolences

The official account of the artist, Hayat Al-Fahd, announced on Instagram the death of her sister Ghanima Ahmed Al-Fahd, on Tuesday.

Immediately after the news was announced, comments poured in from the artists, actresses and the public, offering condolences to the artist Hayat Al-Fahd, calling for mercy and forgiveness for the lost, while many changed their accounts pictures, as black prevailed over them, especially from Kuwait’s famous people, and others published Quranic verses and prayers.

Condolences to the artist and producer, Bassem Abdel-Amir

Her official account, which is managed by Yousef Al-Ghaith, her business manager, wrote: “With hearts believing in the judgment and destiny of God, I moved to the mercy of God Almighty the booty of Ahmed Al-Fahd, sister of Mrs. Hayat Ahmad Al-Fahd .. O God, forgive her and have mercy on her and make her spacious in your paradise. The great one. We belong to God and to Him we shall return. ”

The stars and the crowd offered condolences on the same post, as artist Bashar Al Shatti commented: “May God reward you or Suzanne. May God have mercy on her with his mercy, and make her paradise, God willing. May God pat you and wipe your hearts.”

The artist Muhammad Al-Shuaibi commented, “May God reward you.”

The artist, Habib Ghuloom, wrote: “There is no strength or power except in God, the Most High, the Great. May God have mercy on her and forgive her, and patience with your hearts. Our dear heartfelt condolences, and you have a long life. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

The artist Hayat Al-Fahd responded to Heba Al-Dury

Director Muhammad al-Qaffas said: “God blesses you with the reward of Suzanne’s mother, and may God have mercy on her and make her live in paradise.

While the artist, Sheikha Al-Badr, said: “May God grant you His blessings, and may God have mercy on her and make her resting place in Paradise.”

Black pictures filled the pages of artists, including Bashar Al Shatti, who re-wrote his story on his Instagram page, saying: “My sincere condolences to the able Professor Hayat Al-Fahd on the death of the forgiven her sister, God willing, may God have mercy on her, and I will dwell in a spacious paradise, the booty of Ahmed Al-Fahd, and I ask God Almighty to dwell in it. It is spacious in paradise, and its hostel honors, and widens its entrance. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.

The artist responded, Hayat Al-Fahd, “with our reward and your reward, dear Bashar.”

And the artist, Zainab Ghazi, wrote: “May God grant you a great reward. Rest in paradise. May God forgive her and anoint your heart.”

Zainab Ghazi publication

The cheetah replied: “Our reward and your reward is my intention.” She also responded by this to the artist Heba Al-Duri, who wrote: “God is the strength of my beloved mother or Suzanne. Reside in heaven, O Lord, and my Lord is patient and mercy on your hearts.”

The publication of the artist Fakhria Khamis

The media commented, May Al-Aidan, “We condole the great artist, the life of the cheetah, on the death of her sister Ghanima. May God have mercy on her and inhabit her in his spaciousness and place her with the righteous, righteous and righteous people, and raise her with the highest levels of paradise, and pat you for her separation and wipe over your hearts, pray for her with mercy.

Posted by Layali Dehrab

Director Manaf Abdel offered condolences, as well as producer Bassem Abdel Amir, artist Layali Dehrab, and artist Fakhriyah Khamis, and artist Hayat Al-Fahd thanked them all.

Condolences to director Manaf Adal



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