He entered the animal cage with his daughter, and the elephant chased them and nearly killed them

He said a report published by the newspaper The Independent The British, Monday, March 22, 2021, a shocking video circulated by activists on social media, including a huge elephant chasing a man and his two-year-old daughter, after the man broke into the cage of a zoo in San Diego, California.

Jose Navaretti, 25, was arrested after bypassing security for entering with his daughter inside an elephant cage at the San Diego Zoo on Friday 19 March.

Cage at the zoo

Video of the alleged incident revealed a clip showing the man in the cage while holding his daughter before the elephant rushed towards them.

While the man ran quickly towards the checkpoint to escape from the wall surrounding the cage, he dropped his daughter by his hands before he succeeded in catching her and escaping from the cage without incident.

For their part, police said that Navarete crossed several checkpoints to reach the cage with his two-year-old daughter.

While police in San Diego claimed that as soon as they entered the cage, an elephant noticed them and moved towards them, and the accident ensued. The investigators requested that any witnesses of the incident communicate with the police.

Treating the child cruelly

On the other hand, Navarete was accused of treating the child cruelly, and was held in San Diego County Jail, before being released on bail of $ 100,000.

Meanwhile, the zoo administration said in a statement: “Despite the presence of many barriers, two guests deliberately and unlawfully encroached on the habitat that is considered to be stable for our African and Asian elephants.”

“Security personnel at the San Diego Zoo responded to the accident immediately, but the two guests narrowly escaped from the habitat,” she added. Navaretti will appear in court on March 30th.

On the other hand, one of the witnesses said Speaking to NBC7And Matthew Basiglia, called, that many people froze in their place and did not know how to deal with the matter, as everyone was begging for him, and the situation became feverish and hysterical, as he described.

He added that the elephant moved its head and tusks high in the air and started to run towards them.

The accident is indeed terrifying and nearly killed the baby girl, due to a mistake made by the man by storming the elephant habitat without taking into account the security precautions

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