He faces the specter of dismissal at any moment .. 5 coaches are expected to succeed Mourinho in Tottenham

Tottenham has made a good start in all domestic and continental competitions this season with coach Jose Mourinho, before his results declined in the second half strangely, whether at the local or continental level.

The poor results of the “Spurs” in the second half of the Premier League in particular, caused it to decline to sixth place in the ranking table, to be required to achieve strong results in the last 9 rounds of the competition, to ensure playing in the Champions League next season.

The team also received a strong and lightning blow, with a resounding loss to Dynamo Zagreb (2-3) in all of the two matches in the round of 16 of the European League, to be eliminated from the competition.

Faced with these results became the coach Mourinho In an unenviable situation, he faces the specter of dismissal at any moment.

5 candidates to succeed Mourinho in Tottenham

In the next report, we review the 5 most important coaches who can succeed Mourinho at the helm of Tottenham.

Julian Nagselman

The young coach is currently leading the German team Leipzig, and with him are showing good results this season, and he has a contract with him until June 2023.

Nagselman has shown that he has a wonderful and strong personality at work with Leipzig, especially since the team is currently in second place in the “Bundesliga”, and thus will guarantee playing in the Champions League next season.

He also succeeded in leading the German team to the Champions League semi-finals last season, before being eliminated by Paris Saint-Germain.

Raphael Benitez

The veteran Spanish coach does not currently work with any team, since his departure from Dalian Professional, China, in January 2021.

Benitez has extensive training experience with English clubs in particular, having previously led Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle teams during his coaching career.

This means that the Spanish coach will not need time to apply his idea with the nature of English play, by virtue of his previous experience, and he won several titles with Liverpool and Chelsea, noting that he recently admitted that he was ready to train in England again.

Massimiliano Alegre

Like Benitez, the veteran Italian coach is not currently with any team, since leaving his position at Juventus in the summer of 2019.

Alegre has a wonderful coaching career, especially with Juventus, who led him in 5 years to win 11 titles during his stay in the “old lady”, as he is the holder of the last title for Milan in the Italian League 2010-2011 season.

And recently, Alegre stated his desire to work with a team that loves to challenge and thirsts for championships, so the English Premier League may be a new experience in his coaching career.

Rendan Rodgers

Leicester City offers distinguished levels with the Northern Irish coach, and is competing fiercely for a place to qualify for the Champions League competitions next season.

Leicester is with Rodgers in third place in the English Premier League, and has also qualified for the FA Cup semi-finals, at the expense of Manchester United.

Still, it won’t be easy to get Rodgers out at King Power Stadium, as he is still tied to Leicester City on a contract until 2025.

Eddie Howe

The English coach led the Bournemouth team to great successes in England, winning with him the first division title in England “Championship” in the 2014-2015 season, to lead him to the “Premier League” in the following season.

Coach Howe’s success series continued with Bournemouth in the “Premier League”, where the team finished ninth in the 2016-2017 season, after a distinguished performance from the team, but last season was disastrous, after Bournemouth was relegated to the first division.

After the relegation of Bournemouth, coach Howe left his post by mutual consent between him and the management of the English club, and is currently without a team, knowing that he has no experience in dealing with big clubs.

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