He narrowly escaped the assault on him and his wife … angry stones throwing stones at Argentina’s president (video)

The president didn’t work Argentine Alberto Fernandez, Saturday 13 March 2021, leaving the city of Lago Boilo (south), as he entered it in a normal way, and even his car was pelted with stones and narrowly escaped from an imminent attack, he and his wife, the first lady of the country, after the locals expressed their anger Of those affected the most by the 4-day forest fires

According to the local press, President Fernandez, accompanied by his wife Fabiola Yaniz, met with local officials in Lago Puelo, Chubut province, and was informed of the situation in the region.

During Fernandez’s visit, a group known as the “Anti-mining” group chanted slogans against the Chubut state government, and protesters stopped the bus carrying the president, kicked and pelted it with stones.

For his part, Fernandes said in his first comment after the attack, to the local media: “We came here to be next to the people, it is not about me, it is about the state, and the problem in Chubut must be resolved.”

During the visit, which was also attended by Minister of Public Works Gabriel Catopods and Minister of Regional Development Jorge Ferrarese, the government promised to provide aid worth 700 million Argentine pesos (1 dollar = about 90.78 pesos) to build housing and rebuild infrastructure in the affected areas.

President of Argentina and his wife

The fires that broke out on March 9 in the area bordering the states of Chubut and Rio Negro in the Patagonia region of southern Argentina have affected nearly 15,000 hectares of land, and so far one death has been recorded.

Meanwhile, the authorities began an investigation into the accident, due to evidence of a crime, announcing a reward of 3 million pesos to anyone who provided information on the causes of the fires.

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