He was born in a camp and lived a difficult childhood .. The United Nations appoints the Bayern Munich star as special ambassador for refugee aid

The United Nations has named the young Canadian international player Alfonso DavisThe left-back of Bayern Munich, the German football team, has been a special ambassador for refugee aid, making the 20-year-old the first football player appointed by the United Nations in this mission, according to AFP, Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

Personal motives

Davis, who was born in a refugee camp in Ghana before immigrating to Canada, has been appointed a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

In his first statement after this decision, Davis said in a statement on the official website of the Bavarian club: “My own experience makes me want to speak on behalf of refugees, share their stories, and contribute to making a difference.”

He added, “Refugees need our support to survive, as well as obtain the right to education and exercise, in order for them to demonstrate their potential and achieve success.”

Davis began supporting the international organization in 2020 when he participated in a football tournament via streaming. Last month, he also contributed to a campaign launched by the Canadian government to promote the right of refugees to education at a high level.

Davis’ touching story

Behind the shine of the Canadian star in the world of the tournament, the great suffering experienced by the young player in his childhood, as he was born in a refugee camp in Ghana in 2000, after his parents fled the civil war in Liberia, which resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.

“We had to cross corpses to go and find food,” says his mother, Victoria. “Things were very difficult.”

After he turned 5 years old, the Davis family, after passing an interview for the resettlement program, moved to Canada and settled in Edmonton.

His first step towards stardom

Davis’ passion for football was evident from a young age, after he joined the free “Footy” program, an initiative for children in town who cannot afford registration fees in clubs and academies.

Fortunately for Davis, the Vancouver Whitecaps scouts were there, he was spotted, he joined the Canadian club at the age of 15, and got a direct place in the club’s second team.

One month later, Davis scored his first goal with the second team, and it seemed like he was much more than being with this group; What prompted the club’s management to promote him to the first team only 5 months later.

With Carl Robinson in charge of Vancouver, he gave Davis the opportunity to appear in the MLS, becoming the second youngest player in the competition, after Freddy Addo.

At the age of 16, Davis acquired Canadian citizenship and became the youngest representative of the Canadian senior team, and he has so far had 17 international matches and 5 goals.

With the brightness of his stardom and the interest of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Bayern Munich in joining him, the Canadian player agreed to the latter’s offer, and this season he played 36 matches with him, scoring three goals, and making 9 other goals in all competitions.

He also contributed to his crowning of the hexagon last season, most notably the Champions League, to become one of the team’s most prominent players and the most prominent emerging talent in the world.

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