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Hend Sabri and Latifa collect donations to buy medical equipment for Tunisia to fight Corona

Tunisia is currently going through a critical period in which the epidemic has spread in an unprecedented manner, in which deaths have recorded a record number compared to the number of the country’s population, and most of the sisterly and friendly countries have come to the aid of Tunisia, which was not alone in facing the disaster that befell it, and the foreigners are recruiting to help their country’s residents. and medical equipment.

Latifa in an interview with the Tunisian ambassador to Egypt Photo from the official website of Latifa on Facebook

Hind Sabri

In the midst of this wave of solidarity to help overcome the ordeal, the Tunisian artist, Hend Sabry, residing in Egypt, launched a campaign to collect donations and provide oxygen tubes within the “Oxygen for All” initiative, and expressed in a video clip of her on her account on the “Instagram” website, her launch of the fundraising campaign, and presented A group of aids for hospitals in the northwest region of Tunisia affected by the Corona pandemic, and the donations included recovery beds and oxygen concentrators, and on the other hand, Hind Sabry thanked Egypt through a video clip also for sending urgent medical aid to Tunisia.

Medical equipment sent by Hend Sabry – Photo from Hind’s Facebook page


The artist, Latifa, residing in Egypt, also donated 100 oxygen generators and placed them inside the Tunisian embassy in Cairo, waiting to be shipped to Tunisia. She moved to the embassy’s headquarters and met the ambassador, who personally attended the process of storing the devices at the embassy’s headquarters, awaiting shipment.

Latifa in front of the Tunisian embassy in Egypt while delivering 100 oxygen machines to be shipped to Tunisia Photo from Latifa’s Facebook page

Some of the other artists were satisfied with issuing calls to help their countries confront the Corona pandemic, and both Saber Al-Rubai and Dora Zarrouk published posts on their accounts on social media, in which they called on Arab countries to help Tunisia in its health crisis, similar to Ragheb Alama and Carole Samaha who expressed their support for Tunisia and its people in Facing the epidemic.



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