Hope for Stephen Smith’s mom; 3 weeks since the Murdaugh murders

The mother of the 19-year-old whose investigation into the death in 2015 has been reopened Due to information obtained as part of the investigation into Murdaugh’s June 7 double murder, she has always said her son was murdered and his body was placed on the road where police found him.

At the time, no one seemed to listen to him.

Today, six years later, Sandy Smith feels validated. A former investigator in the 2015 case has publicly stated that he believes Stephen Smith was murdered.

Sandy Smith also told national media she believed something similar may have happened when Paul Murdaugh, 22, and his mother Maggie, 52, were killed outside their home in County of Colleton. more than three weeks ago.

As of Tuesday afternoon, no arrests were made in the two investigations and no suspects were named.


4:30 am Tuesday: Sandy Smith, the mother of Stephen Smith, who was found dead on a rural road in Hampton County in 2015, finally feels justified for her instincts.

For six years, Smith said his son was murdered and it was staged to look like a hit and run.

Now, since learning that SC’s Law Enforcement Division is opening a new investigation into her son’s death due to information found in the Murdaugh double homicide case, a former SC Highway Patrol investigator in the case says he believes the same.


Sandy Smith holds a photo of her late son, Stephen Smith, 19, on June 24, 2021. “There will never be another like him,” she said.

“He’s on my side” Sandy Smith told The Island Packet in a recent interview on her front porch. “Now I know I’ve had people behind me since (the investigator) came forward. Now everyone knows I wasn’t lying. It was not only me who saw that it had been staged.

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A wooden memorial on the side of Sandy Run Road, where 19-year-old Stephen Smith was found dead in 2015.


Saturday, 7:05 p.m .: Sandy Smith, Stephen Smith’s mother, tells the New York Post she is wary of the way the Murdaugh double homicide investigation is being handled.

“I think they’re setting up a fake crime scene like they did with my son,” Smith told the outlet. “I’m not buying it. I saw how they handled what happened to Stephen.

Local and state police have mostly remained silent on the Murdaugh investigation, releasing only one brief with a few details, such as this one Alex murdaugh, Paul’s father and Maggie’s husband, found the bodies and called 911.


A photo of Stephen Smith, killed on July 8, 2015, on his mother’s Facebook account. The investigation into his death was reopened on June 22, 2021 after police investigated the murders of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh.

The family also remained silent at the start of the investigation, but Alex Murdaugh’s brothers Randy Murdaugh IV and John Marvin Murdaugh spoke up. with Good Morning America, an interview broadcast on June 17. Alex Murdaugh and his eldest son, Buster, also released a statement through a public relations company on Friday announcing a $ 100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction in the case.

Other national media outlets, including People, Fox News and the Washington post, continued to follow the story.

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