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Horoscope of Mukesh Ambani – The richest Indian in the world

Mukesh Ambani, arguably the richest Indian in the world, is also the eldest son of the late Dhirubhai Ambani, the legendary industrialist and business tycoon. He was born on April 19, 1957 as the ascendant Libra was rising. The placement of the planets in his chart is as follows: first house-Rahu (dragon head) in Libra; second house-Saturn in Scorpio; third house – the Moon in Sagittarius; seventh house – the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Ketu (dragon tail) in Aries; eighth house-Mars in Taurus; and, eleventh house-Jupiter in Leo.

A quick glance at his card shows that he is the worthy son of a grandfather. The Sun, the signifier of the father is in exaltation, having the complete aspect of the ninth house of the eleventh Jupiter placed in Leo. The lord of the tenth house of the father, the Moon, is in Sagittarius having the full fifth aspect of Jupiter. Likewise, the Moon is the signifier of the mother. The fourth house with the sign of Capricorn, representing the mother, is fully aspected by Saturn, its lord; thus making him lucky with regard to both father and mother.

From the pure point of view of wealth and riches, the following combinations made him what he is: Second (accumulated wealth) lord Mars, fourth (real estate, disposals), fifth (speculative gains and windfall) lord, Saturn are in full mutual aspect, thus reinforcing each other. Saturn is a functional and most important beneficial planet for Libra due to the possession of angular and trinal houses, is found in the second house of accumulated wealth, having an angular combination (seventh-Aries) the lord Mars.

The lord of the eleventh house (gains) Sun is in exaltation, combining with the ninth lord (trinal) Mercury and the ascending lord (trine and angle) Venus in the seventh house of the spouse. These are extraordinary combinations for phenomenal wealth and untold riches.

The Sun representing his heart (atma) and the Moon representing his mind are in perfect coordination, being in the 9th and 5th houses of each other. Both luminaries are also fully aspectated by Jupiter.

Lord of the first house, Venus, and ascendant signifier, the Sun, are both together in the seventh, fully aspecting ascendant, which is rare, indeed.

The Moon, the lord of the tenth house by profession, has the full eighth aspect of Mars, in addition to Jupiter, which in turn also has the full fourth aspect of Mars. Mars is the signifier of brother, its presence in the eighth of the ascendant indicates a quarrel with him. While Jupiter, meaning of Guru (Morai Bapu) and Moon, meaning of Mother, show how peace was negotiated between him and his younger brother, Anil, by the mother and the guru.

Source by Dhirendra Prasad Kaintholla

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