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Horoscopes for the birth of Jesus Christ?

When was Jesus born?

For centuries, people have speculated about the exact date of the birth of Christ. Many hypotheses have been put forward to explain the narrative in the Bible, but all the theories that have been put forward are problematic. The idea of ​​a star moving across the sky completely distant from the rest of the stars cannot be accepted from a scientific perspective; Of course, this argument is superior to comets as well. But a new theory has been presented that explains the version of the Bible and has scientific credibility. Interestingly enough, it also makes an astrological sense.

A scientist puts theories about the date of the birth of Jesus Christ

Historians have long known that there is a disparity of up to 4 years about the birth of Jesus. The best estimate always places it somewhere between 1 and 4 BC. Australian astronomer and news editor for Sky and Space magazine Dave Rennick believes he has solved the mystery of the Bethlehem star. It was calculated that Venus, also known as the Evening Star, shared the same piece of the night sky with Jupiter on June 17 2 BC. This means that people looking at the evening star may have seen a “star” slowly moving across the night sky and shining more than anything normally seen. These facts match the Bible’s account of events.

What did the Magi expect?

The Magi (known as the Three Wise Men) had access to astronomical data that would have allowed them to anticipate this robust alignment of the planets. They would also have known and accepted the importance of this extremely positive pairing, and even set out to be in a position where its astronomical influence would be greatest.

Astrologically, this combination of planets indicates the best of success, good luck, and higher values. Astrologers accepted that day the meanings of these planets. They are still the same today. Since this pairing occurs in a Leo sign, they inevitably expect the baby born on that day to become an individually positive leader.

Is this the horoscope of the spiritual teacher?

Uranus represents large groups of people and there is a positive relationship (Trane) to Neptune’s spirituality. Also, the sun is present in Gemini, which suggests the presence of a good axes and teacher. In the first place, Mercury’s relationship with Uranus and Neptune indicates a person with the ability to communicate spiritual ideas to audiences.

Will there be problems in the future?

The problem occurs when the two planets are in conflict with one another. This is determined by the planets that have a 90 or 180 degree angle between them (respectively called square and opposing). The sun is strongly opposed to Uranus, indicating that damage could come from groups of people. Also, the Sun collides with Pluto indicating a political or belief-based conflict (Pluto) with the individual (Sun).

Is this the horoscope of Jesus?

Scientifically speaking, the case appears to be the best available that explains the biblical story about the birth of Jesus. Astrologically, a situation can be made that corresponds to the person we know as Jesus. Interestingly, according to Chinese astrology, this means that Jesus was born in the year of the sheep and that the traits associated with the sheep are the most consistent with the personality of Jesus among all Chinese astrology signs.

It should be noted that a similar event with Venus and Jupiter occurred on August 12, 3 BC. This horoscope indicates that the therapist and the person are highly valued as well. Both zodiac signs are very powerful although on my part I tend to favor the first date as being the “best fit” in terms of history, astrology and astronomy.

Perhaps the most important thing is that during this period of history there were many people who were widely known for their tremendous skills as healers. Astrologically, the climate was ripe for such people to enter the world stage.

Ultimately, it is up to each of us to decide whether a date other than Christmas makes more sense for the profound historical event that was the birth of Jesus Christ.

Source by Peter Chavell

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