How smart cryptocurrents traders caught a 48% price pump

Differences in access to information and data analysis technology are what give institutional players an edge over ordinary retail investors in the digital asset space.

The basic idea of ​​Markets Pro, Cointelegraph’s cryptographic platform driven by TIE for data analysis, is to balance the information asymmetries that permeate cryptocurrency markets.

Markets Pro bridges the gap with two world-class features: the quantum-style VORTECS score a and breaking NewsQuake alerts .

The first is an algorithmic comparison of several key market metrics around each coin with years of historical data that assesses whether the outlook for the asset is bullish, bearish, or neutral at any given time relative to the historical price action record.

NewsQuakes are automated notifications controlled by an AI routine that monitors thousands of information sources and delivers potentially moving news to members, often in seconds.

None of them is a predictive tool. Why are both VORTECS scores and NewsQuakes designed to alert traders that something has just happened that has reliably moved asset prices in the past. That’s why a good Markets Pro chart is one that shows events that are happening in the right order and at the right time: First comes the indicator and then the price action.

In the last few days, we’ve seen a number of exemplary scenarios in the market that illustrate classic Markets Pro readings.

RUNE: VORTECS will fire, the price will follow soon

June 13 was not a particularly great day for those who had invested in THORChain (RUNE) and were looking for some profits. The coin was on its way down, falling from $ 9.00 a few days ago to just over $ 7.00.

However, the score of the VORTECS mince coin was stable in the green (bull) zone, sometimes even venturing into dark green (certainly bull).

While most traders saw only what was on the surface – the poor performance of the coin – Members of Markets Pro they had access to a broader view. Although the price trend did not look promising at all, market conditions remained historically favorable for RUNE, indicating a decline that would potentially be worth buying.

Shortly before noon, RUNE’s VORTECS line tilted over 80, heralding an assembly that began six hours later. As the price rose, it rose sharply: from $ 7.00 to a peak of $ 10.34 twenty-six hours later.

It might also appear from the graph that the fuel for the rally came from NewsQuake detected a few hours before the pump. While the announcement of RUNE’s revelation by investment firm Qi Capital has definitely added strength, it is unlikely to actually launch a massive pump: As a number of strong VORTECS scores showed, RUNE’s escape was supported by an overall healthy outlook.

KNC: News of the Polygon partnership is shaking the market

Large announcements that promise more liquidity for the DeFi sector are usually beneficial for the coins in question. When the Kyber protocol team announced the launch of its first $ 30 million in rewards liquidity program on Polygon and Ethereum, the market rewarded the KNC token with a pump from $ 1.78 to $ 2.06 (up 16%) in 8 hours.

However, the effect of the report began to subside almost as quickly as it appeared, so that only those who responded quickly were allowed to feast at the profit table. A safe way to secure a place was to receive NewsQuake červený (a red circle in the graph), alerting users to collaborate. The notice was sent to Markets Pro a few minutes after the public revelation of the deal, but before the KNC price began to rise.

These classic patterns are replicated every day Cointelegraph Markets Pro, where the most powerful strategy the team has been pursuing since January 3, 2021 (buying for 80, selling after 24 hours), has now yielded a staggering 3,694% return on live testing. All details of the methodology used are available here.

Cointelegraph is a publisher of financial information, not an investment adviser. We do not provide individual or individual investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are volatile investments and carry significant risks, including the risk of permanent and total loss. Past performance does not mean future results. Numbers and graphs are correct at the time of writing or are listed differently. Live-tested strategies are not recommended. Consult your financial advisor before making financial decisions. Full conditions.

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