How to recognize the spouse sent by the Devil

Eight out of every 10 marriages in the 1950s were successful and were generally successful by today’s standards. Of course, the selection criteria were very different. Character, ability to raise a family, good manners, kindness and respect are mandatory attributes. Since more than 70% of marriages today in big cities end in divorce, we need to ask, “Who brings them together?” It is clear that Satan has a hand in the selection process.

Mark 10: 9 says: “What God has combined, no man should separate.” This Bible confirms the previous verse from Mark 10: 8, “And the two will become one flesh, so they are no longer two, but one flesh. This is wonderful, but what about times when Satan, not this God? Here are some facts that should astound you: Nearly 80% of women from the largest megacities in the world who choose their husbands have a better chance of winning the lottery than making their marriage work.Check the divorce stats, if you think I’m joking.The reason is simple: most of them are They choose a man based on his appearance, how much assets he owns, or how a woman feels.This system can work for cars.However, “Dear Car” to take one on the rough road of life, then my ladies should do better than that.

Do not look for an article from me on how to spot wives whom Satan sends because men are the ones to choose. What I will do is point out the species that will turn any home into a living hell by showing symptoms and teaching how to distinguish the term “hell”.

Every human being is an encapsulated vehicle. The condition of the parts, the manufacture of the engine and its capabilities to maintain long and lasting relationships are spiritual properties – not material ones. So when you choose a man based on his physical qualities, you are simply guessing – hoping, in reality, that the relationship will work out. Take a look at Hollywood, the village of the rich and beautiful. They all get it wrong – 99% of the time; You are using the wrong formula.

Personality: Let’s examine the fickle and elusive term: personality – the most important component of building a successful relationship. Inherent human traits – not temporary physical traits. Actors / Actresses are great examples. They are role-playing by profession. They portray cool personalities but may have terrible personalities. Years ago, I was a fan of a certain famous singer. One night she and a famous singer arrived late with an entourage of 12 in the atmosphere (now closed) when she hosted the 25th Anniversary Show of Sparrow. If I had asked the owner to allow them access because they were on a yacht in the local area for the weekend, I would have accommodated them. Instead, she sent me a message that I should have a table for 12 because of the names of the people in the entourage. Mark you: She couldn’t know I was a fan of her because we didn’t just meet up but I didn’t tell anyone. It was the most severe answer I had ever said. All feelings disappeared and she instantly died. So, in short, the personality represents the dominant spirit that controls a person. Agape has got to be the most sought-after. Unfortunately, other forgeries have been invited: lust, fornication, fornication, homosexuality and lesbianism, rape and incest in human temples willingly and usurped the “righteous souls of people” – Psalm 51. They must be cleansed through repentance and forgiveness, otherwise they will hatch and cause incurable diseases and “” Personalities “inconsistent.”

Species: Since no man reveals his bad habits unless he loses his temper, you need to verify the fruits before you buy eternal troubles on yourself and all of your offspring. For people with strong religious backgrounds, the term “acumen” is your tool. For others, let’s look at some of the positives. As a general rule, a man who grew up in a loving family where respect and love permeated throughout the home, these are good first indications. This does not mean that someone who lives in a broken or dysfunctional home will be a bad companion. We’re talking about inclinations: people who are inclined to do what they saw in their homes or surroundings. A man who has never seen a woman beaten and knows that such behavior is disgusting, will not dream of doing it – under normal circumstances.

The volume referenced below documents the case history of the types of opposing personalities and the spiritual energies that drive them. In summary, here are some of the traits you need to know about and the types that they have and which you need to avoid:

1. Fast-tempered, impatient, always angry and prone to violence.

2. He gets paid one day and breaks the next day. You are buying a life of poverty for yourself and your children.

3. He always looks with longing at every woman he sees, even in your presence.

4. In love with himself: He always looks in the mirror to admire himself.

5. He looks admiringly at the other men.

6. He hates children.

7. Your family members cannot stand.

8. Very dishonest. Always trying to override.

9. Outrageous hygiene habits: The mouth and teeth are seriously neglected.

10. Most important of all: He hates to hear the name of God. I don’t want to hear anything about God.

Since all of the people born on this earth are imperfect and all have flaws, there is only one way to make sure that the specific, ruinous seeds of a marriage do not sprout and spoil your marriage. As the book referenced below states, the night before marriage is the ideal time to do what is called generational cleansing – a spiritual cleansing in which you and your intended husband ask for forgiveness for all known and unknown shortcomings. Ask God to remove all negative traits and obstacles that could ruin your marriage. Remember that the first thing Satan did on earth is to destroy the relationship. It still does. On the other hand, remember, Agape is the God-placed love that grows and strengthens when two people are not afraid to make sacrifices for each other. He is selfless. It is gentle and long lasting. Look inside the package first; Check the lowest levels first and spot the danger signs before it’s too late.

Source by Basil C. Hill

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