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How to tell if your future husband is good looking only based on your date of birth

If you are single and seeking marriage, this article is written for you, and by the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether you will marry a handsome husband or a beautiful wife. Once you look at your date of birth, you will be able to take a look at your future husband. Before I get started on how to do this, I need to provide a brief background on the eight Chinese characters, so you can understand everything.

The eight Chinese characters are derived from your date and time of birth, and they are used to define the vicissitudes of your entire life, and based on your eight personalities, you will be able to see your health, wealth, romance and other relationships.

Your eight characters consist of 4 parts, the year column, the month column, the day column, the hour column, each of these columns consists of two characters (a heavenly branch and an earthly column), which is why it is called 8 letters. I’ll leave other details about your eight characters for another article. In this article, I’ll just focus on how to “peek” your future husband. The part of the 8 that represents your wife is the earthly branch of your life, the pillar of the day.

Simply put, whether your future husband is good-looking or is determined by any of the twelve animals in the Chinese horoscope governs the day you were born.

One thing to note here, you are probably familiar with the 12 animals of the Chinese horoscope, and you know that every animal rules in the year, for example, this year is the year of the Taurus, in addition to the rule of the year, each animal also rules every month, day and hour .

For example, at the moment I am writing this article, it is the month of the tiger. Today, March 4, 2009 is Monkey Day. The time is now 02:41 AM, and it is Taurus hour.

Of all the four pillars, today’s column affects your marriage. From your daily column itself, you can identify a few things about your future husband …

Firstly, as mentioned above, is he / she good looking. Second, you can select his Chinese horoscope with an accuracy rate of 80%. I’ll show you how to do that.

Let me show you how to determine if your future husband is good-looking …

If you were born on any of the four days ruled by the four beasts that represent sex and romance stars, your wife will be in great shape. If you are not familiar with the four animals that represent sex stars and romance, it is rabbits, horse, rooster and mouse.

This means that if you were born on the day of a rabbit, horse, rooster, or mouse, then your spouse will be good looking. You can be looking forward to marrying a handsome husband or a beautiful wife. If you want to know more about sex and romance stars, please visit my website.

Well, you’ve been through 4 animals out of 12. What happens if you are born on a day ruled by one of the other eight animals?

Here it goes …

If born on the day of a tiger, snake, monkey or pig, she will marry a very tolerant and submissive person. Of course, this does not mean that your wife will not be looking good. But compared to the group of people I mentioned above, your chances of marrying a good-looking person will be less than them.

The last group of people are those born on the day of a bull and a sheep, a dragon and a dog. If you belong to this group, then your wife will be a modest and practical person. Someone who prefers to stay out of sight and work behind the scenes.

Okay, so now I’ll move on to the next part of the formula. How can you determine your future Chinese horoscope based on your column of the day? As I mentioned, this method has an accuracy rate of 80%, but even so, you can still have some fun with it.

Let’s use the previous example. This person was born on March 4, 2009. How can we determine his wife’s sign in China from there?

As mentioned earlier, March 4, 2009 is Monkey Day. There are 3 possibilities here. He may marry a boy under the sign of a mouse, dragon or monkey.

To sum up the formula, your future partner’s Chinese horoscope will either be the sign of the day you were born, or the other two signs that are similar to that of the day you were born.

Let me explain this clearly …

There are 4 groups of affinity in the Chinese horoscope. Each group consists of 3 animals.

The rat, the dragon and the monkey belong to a group.

The bull and the snake and your parents belong to a group.

The tiger, horse and dog belong to a group.

Rabbit, sheep and pig belong to the latter group.

Time for an example …

If you were born on Rat Day, then your future spouse might be born under the sign of a Rat, Dragon or Monkey.

If you were born on Taurus day, then your future spouse may be born under the sign of a bull, a snake or a rooster. The same applies to other signs.

Enjoy analyzing your future husband. I wish you all the best in your search for your ideal life partner.

Source by Marco Chong

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