I wouldn’t do without Biden’s approval

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed, Saturday, March 20, 2021, that Israel will not annex parts of the West Bank without the approval of US President Joe Biden, during a meeting with Netanyahu on the private Israeli Channel 12, knowing that Biden had previously confirmed his total rejection For any steps taken from Tel Aviv to annex lands in the West Bank.

During the same interview, he touched Netanyahu To other internal issues, including the elections that will be held next Tuesday.

Annexation of the West Bank

In April 2020, Netanyahu and Benny Gantz (the current defense minister in his government) signed an agreement to form an emergency unity government, each of which would rotate their presidency, with Netanyahu starting first for a period of 18 months.

The agreement provides for the start of submitting a bill to the Knesset (Parliament) to annex the Jordan Valley and Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, in early July 2020.

Netanyahu answered a question about annexing parts of the West Bank to Israeli sovereignty, saying that “this will not happen without the approval of the President of the United States (Biden),” without further details.

However, Netanyahu has not issued any decision in this regard. Because of “differences” within his government, and another with the previous US administration headed by Donald Trump, over the timing and details of the “annexation” process, according to Israeli media.

Biden’s position

In previous statements, dating back to his campaign period, Biden affirmed his opposition to any Israeli steps to annex new lands.

According to the American newspaper “The Hill”, Biden declared at the time, “Israel must stop the threat of annexation of lands and settlement activity, because it will stifle any hope for peace.”

It is the same position that most countries in the world share, rejecting unilateral steps, and in 2016, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling on Israel to stop its settlement activities in the occupied territories, a decision that Israel refused to implement.

The election

It is expected that the Israeli prime minister will obtain more than 61 seats (more than half of the 120 Knesset seats), as a guarantor for his formation of the government.

This comes at a time when recent opinion polls conducted by the most prominent Israeli media (the official Kan channels, and private 12 and 13) show that Netanyahu’s camp won 60 seats, if the head of the “right-wing” Naftali list joined it. Bennett, which means his inability to form a government, the inability of his opponents to do so, and the possibility of going to new elections.

It is reported that Netanyahu is leading Israel to its fourth parliamentary elections in two years, while his trial in 3 corruption files and charges of bribery and breach of trust continues.

While thousands of Israelis have demonstrated every week, and sometimes more than once during the week, for more than 8 months; To demand the resignation of Netanyahu, against the background of his accusations of “corruption cases”, and for allegedly mismanaging the Corona crisis in his government.

The demonstrations also witness confrontations with the Israeli police in many of their stations, and arrests of demonstrators.

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