“Ihsan platform” starts the victim program

The national platform for charity “Ihsan” in Saudi Arabia has started the victim program just in time for the upcoming season Hajj and Eid al-Adha.

The program allows pilgrims and victims to delegate the platform to slaughter victims and charities and distribute them to those who deserve it at their legitimate times.

In addition, the victim program aims to facilitate the performance of rituals digitally through a partnership with the project of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to benefit from the victims and victims “Adahi”.

It also features multiple products during the Hajj season, including sacrifice and sacrifice, while providing the ransom, aqeeqah, and year-round charity.

Steps in 60 seconds

The platform’s CEO, Abdulaziz Al-Hammadi, said the “Adahi” program allows its users to make the sacrifice through simple steps that take no more than 60 seconds.

He also pointed out that the slaughter and distribution of victims to those who deserve it takes place in Saudi Arabia at its legitimate time and approved massacres to ensure that all health conditions are met.

He stated that the victim program guarantees its users that victims meet Sharia law requirements for species, specifications, slaughter and distribution.

Oath sacrifice

Oath sacrifice

Certified security standards

It is noteworthy that the victim program is one of the programs launched by the Ihsan platform to invest in artificial intelligence to maximize the impact and sustainability of development services. The platform offers a variety of donation opportunities that cover many aspects of community service both inside and outside Saudi Arabia, depending on the projects and opportunities it receives through its partners from official agencies.

The platform is also subject to the highest security standards approved by the Saudi authority for data and artificial intelligence “SDAYA”, which directly monitors and enables the work of the platform.

“Sdaya” is one of the members of the supervisory body that is committed to promoting business integration into the Ehsan platform and is composed of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health along with other government institutions.


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