In close activities, Jeddah is home to the largest dome in the world

The Jeddah Super Dome in western Saudi Arabia ranks first as the largest pillarless dome in the world. It is located on Madinah Road, west of King Abdullah Sports City, with an indoor area of ​​more than 34,000 square meters, a height of 46 meters, a diameter of 210 meters and 5,200 parking spaces for events and conferences.

It is also planned to inaugurate the emir of the Mecca Al-Mukarramah region, Khaled Al-Faisal, the exhibition for digital projects of the region and accompanying events in Jeddah Cathedral next Wednesday.

A statement released on Sunday by the Emirate of Mecca Al-Mukarramah said that for the first time, the completion of the emirate’s programs and activities will be unified in an annual organized week in which all government, civil and local community community in the region will participate and participate in a range of events, competitions and various programs.

During a ceremony, the Emir of the Mecca Al-Mukarramah region honors the winners of competitions organized by the emirate such as the Makkah Excellence Award, the Mecca Cultural Forum and other cultural programs, taking into account the application of precautionary measures to limit the spread of the corona virus.

digital offers

According to the statement, the exhibition will bring digital presentations to the public on the achievements and development projects that the emirate of the region has taken in terms of people building and the development of the place, and the government and private sector in the region have been at theirs Implementation involved and represent the results of the development strategy for the region, which was launched about 14 years ago by Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. She took the Kaaba as a starting point for a development that encompasses the seventeen governorates as well as the government and the private sector. Sectors were involved in defining the vision: the people of the region played one for the first time at the level of the regions of Saudi Arabia active and decisive role in defining the strategic development plans for their region.

He also stated that the exhibition will provide insight into the region’s pioneering projects that have been completed in terms of the development of the place, including the reconstruction of Mecca and the development of the waterfront promenades in the governorates of the region, the Haramain train project, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and the new Taif, along with health, education, water and other service projects implemented in the governorates of the region, as well as current and future projects that correspond to the vision of the Kingdom of 2030, are presented under the aspect Human Building, access to higher education is checked in all governorates of the region, the Mecca cultural forum themed (How to be a role model), the Hajj campaign is worship and civilized behavior and the Prince Khaled Al-Faisal institutes for moderation, the Mecca Region Economic Forum and other initiatives and programs that have an impact a uf creating a cultural movement in the region and have actively contributed to raising the cultural level of the population and stimulating the spirit of competition with the aim of development between its sectors.

How do we set a good example in the digital world?

In addition, the statement said that the week-long exhibition will be the opening of Mecca Programming and Artificial Intelligence Days, which is one of the groundbreaking initiatives of the Mecca Cultural Forum in its fifth session entitled “How To Be A Role Model” is in the digital world, and student teams from King Abdulaziz Universities will be participating. ”Umm Al-Qura, Jeddah, Taif and the University of Business and Technology, as well as technology, software and artificial intelligence specialists and academics, and they compete for innovative technical solutions and programs that contribute to the further development of the Hajj and Umrah, tourism and entertainment industries, which positively reflect the services provided, as well as diagnosing the positive aspects and strengthening and developing them with a view to strengthening and further developing them, according to the rapid development in technical terms, and at the same time contributing to it n to bring the services provided to a level that fulfills hopes and desires.

He noted that the exhibition will host a number of health cadres in the area and its affiliated governorates to celebrate and recognize their heroic role in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, and the exhibition will also witness dialogue sessions, in which the participants discuss a range of topics including media and advertising aspects and their implications for the technical boom, service development, development and artificial intelligence and others.

He stated that the exhibition will open its doors to the people of the region and their visitors, while visits will be organized for public and private sector workers in the region, as well as for staff, representatives and members of literary and sports clubs, local and community councils and other various sectors in the region.


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