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Inspired by the stars, dresses for summer evenings

Most of the stars sparkled in bright and attractive dresses that fit the summer season on its various occasions; Therefore, we have chosen for you different models of dresses in striking colors that women love, and these dresses are suitable for elegant evening looks with family or friends, or for evenings in public places.

In this album, “Madam.Net” collected for you elegant and attractive models of dresses inspired by the stars; To inspire them the closest and most suitable dress for you.

Nancy Ajram in a classy white dress

Nancy Ajram in a white dress, photo from her Instagram account

The star Nancy Ajram prefers to adopt soft and attractive dresses at the same time, and the white color is considered one of her closest and favorite colors. She adopts it a lot in various looks, whether casual, jumpsuit or evening dresses. In this look, Nancy coordinated a long white dress; It was designed with perforated lace with a layer of chiffon, and the sleeves were studded with lace with two gold-colored buttons in the cuff, and the cape was designed with white fabric and lace, when the skirt was designed on both sides in an attractive feminine style of chiffon and lace, and on the front with white fabric only, which is characterized by light draping.

With this elegant dress, Nancy Ajram chose a thin leather belt in white to complement the look of the dress. She adopted a quiet earthy makeup with a wavy hairdo; To match her elegant look.

Angham in an attractive yellow dress

Angham in a yellow dress – photo from her Instagram account

The star Angham starred in one of her concerts, with an attractive and refreshing look; She adopted a long dress designed from crepe in yellow, and the dress came with one shoulder of fluffy ruffles from the shoulder to the waist in a striking style, and was designed from the chest with multiple layers and prominent pleats and from the waist was designed with a wide belt of the same fabric and color of the dress.

Angham coordinated with this attractive dress the wavy hairdo and prominent eye makeup with bright nude lips; To add a touch of vitality and brightness to her look.

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Yasmine Sabry in a glamorous blue dress

Yasmine Sabry in a blue dress – photo from her Instagram account حساب

The star, Yasmine Sabry, is one of the stars who love the blue color the most. She adopted a sparkling blue long dress, designed with a one-shoulder bow and a striking satin on it, and came entirely from shiny fabric, and the skirt was designed in a pleated style and prominent pleats with a large side slit that revealed one of the legs.

Yasmine Sabry styled her hair in a loose manner on the shoulders, and adopted a simple makeup in brown tones with golden accessories.

Carmen Bsaibes in a soft green dress

Carmen Bsaibes in a green dress – photo from her Instagram account

One of the colors that the star Carmen Basibes loves, especially if it is designed with a dress, is green. She wore a long dress designed in a refreshing green satin color with wide straps that cover a large part of the arms with a long neck and light pleats. The skirt came with an A-Line design with a long, dropped belt from The waist goes up to the skirt.

With this dress, Carmen Basibes adopted elegant high-heeled sandals in nude color with a small wrist watch in shiny green satin, and she adopted the wavy hairstyle.

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