Is it healthy to store sperm? 7 health benefits and 2 risks

Is it healthy to store sperm?

Semen retention is a low-risk strategy that you can try to get the full benefits.

Sperm retention is the intentional abstinence from the ejection of semen. This does not necessarily mean abstinence.

In many cultures, withholding sperm has been shown to have spiritual significance. Although many believe that sperm storage may provide some health benefits, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims..

Ejaculation frequency is different from person to person. Some men can hold their sperm in their body for days, while others need to release it regularly. Sperm storage is not a harmful practice.

  • Some studies reveal that if you do not engage in any sexual activity, your testosterone levels can increase.
  • One study confirmed that total abstinence for seven days can increase testosterone levels by 146% over baseline levels.
  • Another study found that testosterone levels increase after three weeks of abstinence.

Studies have been conducted on sperm retention and its effect on the body suggest that abstinence for two hours before a sporting event can increase performance in athletes and that short-term intervals without ejaculation can improve sperm motility.

7 Health Benefits of Sperm Storage

  1. Improved sperm quality
    • A known benefit of withholding sperm for a short period (weeks) could be improved sperm quality and motility. This can be used in those who are trying to have a baby through normal or assisted methods.
  2. Energy booster
    • Semen contains vitamin B12 in lower concentrations. Vitamin B12 plays a major role in improving endurance and converting food into energy needed for normal cell function. It can help your body retain blood cells and strengthen nerve cells by preventing megaloblastic anemia (anemia caused by a lack of vitamin B12) that makes you weak and exhausted. So many believe that saving sperm will always keep them energized and active.
    • According to some research, sperm retention can increase testosterone levels by up to 45% in just one week. However, he returned to normal within a few days. Higher testosterone levels are associated with increased energy. However, lower testosterone levels cause lassitude, lack of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.
  3. Improved self-control
    • According to some research, masturbation and porn urges are far more powerful than any addiction. Abstaining from masturbation and ejaculation daily will improve your mental health.
    • Self-control is the hardest thing to achieve. Although other methods, such as meditation, yoga, and reading literature, improve self-control, the most effective way to achieve self-control is to abstain from compulsive masturbation or sexual intercourse. excessive sexual activity.
  4. Improved libido
    • Libido is the general sex drive or desire for sexual activity. People who have practiced abstaining from porn masturbation orgasms (PMO) have noticed that their sexual desires are better channeled. You can learn to control these cravings by directing your mind to other tasks, such as exercise, study, sports, and hobbies that require more energy and attention.
  5. Improved immune system
    • Essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, lactic acid, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B12, zinc, sodium and others are found in semen. These act as antioxidants and help your immune system by warding off free radicals.
  6. Improved sleep quality
    • A study on a group of men aged 65 and over found that a reduction in testosterone is linked to a decrease in sleep time, a deterioration in the quality of sleep, frequent awakenings and disturbances. some sleep. Thus, it is revealed that free testosterone is responsible for the overall quality of sleep.
    • However, sleeping more increases testosterone production. Men who slept less than five to six hours a night had 10% lower testosterone levels.
    • So, sleep boosts testosterone, and a high level of testosterone means better sleep.
  7. Improved confidence
    • As you begin to practice sperm retention, you will have more energy and will be motivated to channel your energy into other activities. This greatly increases your confidence.
    • When you start practicing sperm retention, you will regain a deep and glowing self-confidence and you will feel completely comfortable in your own skin. You will have a sense of peace and be confident as your semen content is no longer depleted.


Testosterone is a chemical found only in men.
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2 risks of sperm retention

In most cases, sperm storage is a safe procedure, but there are some considerations. Not everyone will have a favorable experience. Lack of ejaculation can lead to pain, discomfort or epididymal hypertension.

Semen retention is a low-risk strategy you can try to get all of its benefits.. However, some people may face potential risks related to semen retention.

  1. Epididymal hypertension: Lack of ejaculation can cause severe discomfort or epidydimal hypertension, commonly known as blue balls. Epididymal hypertension occurs when there is no orgasm for a long time, which leads to discomfort in the testicles.
  2. Mood disorders: When you start to hold the sexual energy inside of you, it can manifest as anxiety or mood swings.

What is sperm retention?

Semen or semen retention is the sexual act of not ejaculating. However, it is not the same as abstinence. Many guys who practice sperm retention can still have orgasms; they just don’t ejaculate. Reaching an orgasm without ejaculation is called a dry orgasm.

Semen retention is commonly confused with abstinence. Abstinence does not indulge in any sexual activity, while semen retention is a separate practice of avoiding ejaculation during sexual activity.

How often should you ejaculate?

Every person has a healthy and varied ejaculation frequency, about twice a week. This is the frequency that is considered typical and healthy. However, this is not conclusive as it is a figure that varies from person to person.

If you find it impossible to maintain this frequency or a substantial drop in desire or performance, you need to re-evaluate your ejaculation habits.

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