Jack Dorsey says he integrates the Lightning Network into Twitter or BlueSky

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Financial Services Square, has confirmed that he plans to integrate the Lightning Network Bitcoin side chain with at least one of his businesses.

On June 11, Dorsey answered a question from a Twitter user “deyonté” who asked Dorsey to integrate the Lightning Network into Twitter or BlueSky – decentralized social network Twitter has been devoting its workforce to development since 2019.

In response, Dorsey replied, “Just a matter of time.”

Dorsey’s comment seems intentionally vague, and the comment seems open to be interpreted as confirming that either BlueSky or Twitter, or even both companies, could be Lightning integration.

The Twitter user “Mklad” also suggested that Dorsey’s pro-Lightning notes could be related to the recent Square acquisition unsuccessful platform for streaming music Jay-Z, Tidal.

Dorsey’s tweet comes amid recent moves from Square to expand digital asset operations.

Earlier this month, Dorsey revealed that Square intends to develop a non-guardian with open source Bitcoin hardware wallet. The following day, Cointelegraph announced that Square had unveiled a partnership with blockchain infrastructure firm Blockstream, with Square planning to invest $ 5 million in solar bitcoin mining equipment.

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Dorsey has long argued that bitcoin mining stimulates uptake and renewable energy innovation, with a square committing $ 10 million in December, the Bitcoin Clean Energy investment initiative.

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