Jack Dorsey sells tweet genesis for $ 2.9 million, NFT saves wild pandas and more

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, sold a tokenized representation of his first-ever tweet for more than $ 2.9 million on Monday.

The Tweet was published on March 21, 2006 and reads as follows:

Two-week bidding war between Oracle Oracle CEO Sina Estavi and technology entrepreneur Justin Sun, the price has shifted from $ 500,000 to a final sale of more than $ 2.9 million, with Sina Estavi winning with a bid of 1,630 Ether (ETH).

On 10 March, Dorsey stated that it would immediately convert the proceeds of the sale into bitcoins (BTC) and donate everything to GiveDirectly, which helps people living in poverty in Africa. After closing the sale, the CEO tweeted the transaction.

The auction took place at the NFT “Valuables” marketplace and closed on March 22. The NFT platform allows users to buy and sell tokenized posts on Twitter and is operated by social media-based blockchain Cent.

The platform has seen many big names enter the market selling tweets such as NBA businessman Gary Vaynerchuck, NFL Green Bay Packers and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

John Cleese’s NFT “Sell You Bridge” joke will cost more than $ 33,000

Popular British comedian and actor John Cleese seems to have joined the NFT’s gold rush in jest.

On March 20, Cleese posted a video on Twitter announcing that he would auction off his first tokenized collectibles on the NFT OpenSea market.

He called Cleese a “young unknown digital artist” and described the rise of the NFT as a “cultural moment” offering a “bridge from the past to the future.”

Based on the true story of an American fraudster who fraudulently sold the Brooklyn Bridge to more investors (who were later moved by police after trying to build toll booths on the bridge), Cleese offers his followers a one-time sale of a kind NFT perpetuating its black and white digital doodle depicting the Brooklyn Bridge for a modest price of $ 69.3 million.

Despite Cleese’s aggressive pricing targets, the token auction began on March 21 for just $ 100, with the auction pushing prices higher $ 33,000 from this writing. The auction is set to complete after another 10 days of bidding.

John Cleese Brooklyn Bridge, (

In an interview with Vanity on March 19 Fair, Cleese remarked to the NFT, “the world has gone madly mad.”

NFT PixelPanda is used to store wild pandas

The new NFT project “PixelPandas” has announced that it is devoting 10% of all profits to the panda’s conversation. The project will mint tokens representing panda images for each of the 1,864 pandas that remain in the wild, and then token tokens in limited tranches on the NFT OpenSea market.

Regular PixelPandy, (

One PixelPanda with an 8-bit panda in a cap was purchased on March 19 for 0.01 ETH and was scrapped with a asking price of 1 ETH worth approximately $ 1,700.

NFT pandas are categorized according to their rarity, with drops containing “Regular” pandas, rare “Kung Fu” and “Bamboo” pandas, and the ultra-rare “Albino” panda.

Donations from PixelPandas proceeds have already funded the adoption of the wild panda through the World Wildlife Fund.

Rico Nasty publishes 1 of 1 NFT

Renowned rapper Rico Nasty dropped his first tokenized collector on the NFT marketplace SuperRare on March 22.

The unique NFT shows a loop animation inspired by a music video for her recent single “OHFR?” And was created in collaboration with former DreamWorks animator Don Allen III.

The auction is scheduled to close on March 25, with the current being the highest offer sit at 0.1 ETH worth about $ 170.

Nasty delves into tokenized art after other rappers, such as Ja Rule, which has auctioned off the NFT’s logo image since the disaster. “Fyre FestivalHe faced charges for co-founding the event in 2017.

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