Joint naval exercises between Saudi Arabia and Sudan in Jeddah

On Sunday, in the presence of the Commander of the Western Fleet, Major General Yahya bin Muhammad Al-Asiri, the mixed bilateral naval exercise “Astronomy 4” between the Saudi Royal Navy and the Sudanese naval forces took place in the Western Fleet at the King Faisal Naval Base.

The exercise commander, Brigadier General Hazaa bin Qataim Al-Mutairi, stated that the exercise maneuvers are aimed at standardizing concepts and sharing experiences through joint exercises with the Marines, the Special Maritime Security Units, the Naval Aviation Group and the Support Vessels Group and the boat group of the western fleet.

He added that the exercises will include developing the command and control process while conducting joint operations between the Saudi Navy and the Sudanese Navy to ensure freedom of navigation and safety in the Red Sea. And extend the exercises until next Thursday.


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