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June 2010 Taurus personal horoscope

In early June, some Taureans might feel like they’ve reached their limit. There might be a lot of things that annoy you, and it all has piled up since the end of last year. With this in mind, there could be internal disturbances, which threaten to arrest you.

However, on June 6 or 7 there is a big change. Mars goes from Leo to Virgo. Life will suddenly get easier, and if you’ve been having some issues with your family recently, you have a chance to solve them.

One way to handle the situation is to communicate. I say that because at the beginning of the month you will be very sensitive, and you will know how to put people at their ease. A few kind words, said the right way, can create a big and beneficial change.

From the point of view of close relationships, you will have no difficulty in getting your message across. You will clearly know what you like and what you dislike, and if you look around you are sure to find someone nice.

However, if you are already in a relationship, it is important to take your partner’s needs into account. He will be very creative and will seek new ways of expressing himself. Give them lots of support, and if they come up with an interesting suggestion, try saying yes rather than no.

In mid-June, Venus, your ruling planet, looks favorable to Jupiter. You will get very lucky, and that luck will take a rather unusual form. Things that on the surface are very ordinary could help you achieve your ambitions. However, for the best results, you need to keep your luck to yourself and not discuss your accomplishments with other people.

In the last half of the month, your home could become important again, but for all the right reasons. You will begin to develop a new relationship with your home environment and you can make your home a happier and more comfortable place. But don’t be tempted to spend too much money – remember that beauty is something spontaneous, which can never be bought.

June 26 is the Full Moon. It occurs to you that there are gaps in your knowledge on a crucial subject. If you want to act in your best interest, you will read and study.

Source by Archie Dunlop

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