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Karim Afifi, the short comedian, victim of Ramez Jalal, the evil lady

The star of the Egyptian theater, Karim Afifi, fell victim to the sixteenth episode of “Ramez his mind flew” and was received by Ramez Jalal, with a sarcastic introduction from the new comedy stars, and his promise of several pranks that turned his permanent smile to screaming and wailing.

Karim Afifi is afraid to go to the amusement park

Ramez Jalal’s first introduction confirmed that comedy has become very difficult today and he said: In order for the viewer to laugh, it is necessary to penetrate the screen … Today we have one of us who is classified from the comedians of the generation, short and cunning, who has a lot of opiates. With us and with you Wahid Saif Al-Duwaiqa … Muhammad Awad Al-Tabiya … Yunus Shalabi Al-Jiyara … Karim Afifi

And he continued, sarcastically: Listen, yala, freeze, dry, and upped. You vote like a harem. With God’s help, after the episode, the text will be reduced, and you will not need a gym or diet.

Ramez Jalal mocked Karim Afifi’s clothes, saying, “What shirt is on with many things? You come from Guatemala … and what hairstyle is a crooked dress … Wearing cut pants and a need for garbage. I told you to wash it before you come … this is not the shape of an artist going to open An amusement park … it’s one inside Farah in Al-Nazla

And when he wore Karim for a protective vest, Ramez mocked him, saying: Karim with his side, I don’t need a dress, but I need a hernia belt, ”explaining: When he wore the amulet, it felt like he was wearing an egg plate.

Karim Afifi was excited to play the paintball game, but he was beaten by Ramez Jalal, without appearing to him, so Afifi shouted from the shots, confirming that her strikes were painful, and he quickly left the battlefield.

Afifi’s anger mixed with feelings of fear and terror as soon as the hop capsule was released Paths, and as the capsule moved in the air, Karim started screaming loudly, and Ramez hit him more than once to give Afifi angrily responding to him, directing blows and insults to him and asking to go down and not finish playing, saying: You come to me, I don’t know Take myself.

Afifi rejected the idea of ​​jumping from the capsule in the air and falling into the pool, so Ramez forcibly threw him into the water.

Karim mocked himself as soon as he discovered the truth about Ramez Jalal and said that his wife wishes to go to the amusement park, but he refuses because of his fear of the games, stressing that no one will gloat at him because he is defeated, and he wished that his colleague Aws Aws would fall into the same plot.

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