Kennedale man who stabbed wife to death, killed stepfather with bat to be executed

After a 15-month stint due to the coronavirus pandemic, the execution of a former Kennedale man who was convicted of capital murder is slated for Wednesday.

John Hummel, 45, stabbed his wife to death and beat his stepfather to death with a baseball bat before torching the family home in 2009. He was also charged with the death of his 5-year-old daughter, but was convicted of murdering his wife and stepfather. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeal granted him in March 2020 a stay related to COVID-19.

At trial, Tarrant County prosecutors Miles Brissette and Bob Gill claimed Hummel killed his loved ones so he could be single and have a romantic relationship with a woman he met at a convenience store. Hummel beat his pregnant wife with a baseball bat before stabbing her with samurai swords and a medieval dagger.

Hummel would be the second person to be executed in texas this year. The first, Quintin Jones, was also sentenced in Tarrant County. Jones beat his great aunt to death with her baseball bat after an elusive search for her purse at a Fort Worth home.


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