King Abdulaziz Foundation publishes anecdotes about publications in the Prophet’s Mosque

The King Abdulaziz House, as part of the collaboration between the Department and the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, published the book “Anecdotes from the Publications in the Library of the Prophets’ Mosque on the 13th, with the aim of collecting the most important collections of the Illuminate library of Prophets Mosque, which is filled with a variety of rare scientific books.

The book contained images of selected selections from rare lithographed books or with old printing machines from the 13th century.

The library areas of the Prophet’s Mosque include an area for keeping rare books related to printing date, decoration, shapes, pictures, etc., and the shelves of this area are filled with a large number of books by the Mothers of Islamic Sciences and the precious ancient ones Publications containing various sciences and knowledge donated to this library, including scholars, students of knowledge and a number of visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque.


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