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Knowledge is power

The expression “information is power” is regularly ascribed to Francis Bacon, from his Meditationes Sacrae (1597).1

Thomas Jefferson utilized the expression in his correspondence on at any rate four events, each time regarding the foundation of a state college in Virginia.

In a 1817 letter to George Ticknor, Jefferson likened information with force, security, and joy:

[T]his last foundation [a state university] will presumably be inside a mile of Charlottesville, and four from Monticello, if the framework should be embraced at all by our council who meet inside seven days from this time. my expectations anyway are held under tight restraints by the customary character of our state lawmaking bodies, the individuals from which don’t for the most part have data enough to percieve the significant certainties, that knolege is power, that knolege is security, and that knolege is happiness.2

In two 1820 letters to Joseph Cabell, Jefferson again underlined the significance of information:

Kentucky, our little girl, planted since Virginia was a recognized state, has a College, with 14. teachers and as much as 200 understudies. … all the states yet our own are reasonable that knolege is power.3

[I]t is verifiable that [Virginia] has more impact in our alliance than some other state in it. whence this command? from her thoughtfulness regarding training undeniably. there can be no more grounded evidence that knolege is power, and that obliviousness is weakness.4

Proceeding to compose regarding the matter of a state college, Jefferson alluded to the intensity of information in a 1821 letter to John Taylor:

[Northeastern] theological schools are not, at this point legitimate for Southern or Western understudies. the iconic issues counsel us to call them home. on the off chance that knolege is power we should look to it’s progression at home, where no asset of intensity will be unwanting.5

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