Maggie Farah’s emotional predictions for Leo in the coming months of 2021

Many questions asked by all born in Leo about the most prominent Astronomer and horoscope expert Maggie Farah for the year 2021?! They are eager to know what this year brings about in terms of pleasant surprises and events that will rejoice their hearts on an emotional level. To find out more about the complete monthly forecast Leo In the year 2021 on the emotional level, follow up with “Madam.net” the following:

Monthly expectations for the year 2021 for the emotionally charged Leo

Expectations of Maggie Farah 2021
Maggie Farah’s predictions for Leo in the coming months of the year 2021

Fear of some misunderstanding in your personal life at the beginning of the year, and you will be torn between two directions and the desire to discover some new horizons away from the shell in one place or one option. The situation changes in the third month, i.e. March / March, and you become more enthusiastic on the emotional level even though the astronomy warns you against falling into an illusion of love that does not suit you, or warns you to tend to someone who manipulates your emotions, and it is possible for you to have opportunities to meet your beloved if you are single or Unbinded while traveling or celebrating in April, and your engagement or marriage is decided in May. November brings you a romantic surprise if you are still single, and the chance for an exceptional meeting.
In short, your love life oscillates between tremendous times of agreement, harmony, understanding and harmony, and other periods of conflict that sometimes make you feel helpless.
The planet Mars, located in Gemini, gives you a very promising atmosphere in the spring, but when this planet is present in Scorpio, starting in October, it generates strong sensitivities, and it is possible that your emotional affairs will cause you trouble this year, due to some adverse effects. You are required to control your reactions, in tune with the atmosphere, and accept some modifications and changes, especially since your wellness is very good and your health is very reassuring.

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Important family event

Expectations of Maggie Farah 2021
The coming months of 2021 promise you positive changes on the emotional front

Dear Leo, you can find your way if you are alone in a social field to which you belong or within your professional atmosphere. You attract powerful people and those with big ambitions.
The family matter knows an important event related to one of the parents, or one of the sons who changes his place of residence or raises a delicate situation due to a decision that he will take, and there may happen an unavoidable travel that affects your situation, and also if you are related to the circumstances of the parents, and he may ask you to give more attention to family affairs. In this year.
A year of unexpected surprises, and it is possible that you are not in control of things or most of them, but you reconsider some options and priorities, except that you reach a change in your work or in the team to which you belong, and your view of some techniques and work mechanisms may change, as well as your family relationship. And personality.

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