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Marriage Compatibility Test by Vedic Astrology – Time-tested technique

Everyone wants a successful marriage. In today’s world, the divorce rate stats are quite staggering as 4.95 per 1,000 people in America, 3.08 per 1,000 people in the UK and 0.15 per 1,000 people in Sri Lanka. Let me ask you a question, is there a way to find out the compatibility of two partners before marriage. Many of us will say yes, considering the many compatibility tests between spouses available online these days. In these tests, both partners are asked to fill in answers to specific questions and then their compatibility is tested based on the answers provided, but did you know that in Vedic Astrology there is a way to calculate partners’ compatibility by matching their horoscopes. This compatibility test checks many factors and is quite accurate. In this test, eight factors are tested to determine the compatibility of future partners. Each factor was assigned points based on its importance in marital life. A score of at least thirty-six degrees from twenty-one and above is considered good for a marriage. The eight factors and the points assigned to them and their importance are as follows.

  • Varna, assigned points 1, gives spiritual health to both partners and full score 1 means that both of them will draw each other toward spirituality through their actions.
  • Vasya 2 points, compatibility of thoughts and actions. It also describes whether a couple will listen to each other, or whether one of them will try to work his way up the other.
  • Tara, Allocated Score 3, this gives matchmaking or luck. The better the result, the luckier the couple.
  • Yoni, the 4 assigned points, gives sexual compatibility between two partners. A better fit ensures that both partners are satisfied with each other and that the chances of infidelity are lower.
  • Graham Maitre, allotted 5 points. Calculates the compatibility of different horoscope homes for boy and girl. It ensures that the planets of one do not influence the other in a bad way.
  • Gana, assigned to 6 points, this gives boy and girl personality compatibility. The better the characters’ compatibility, the greater the chances of each liking and accepting each other’s personality.
  • Bhakot, allotted 7 points, which calculate the longevity and well-being of the two partners after marriage. A high score indicates that the partners will have a happy life.
  • A club, allotted to it 8 points, is considered the most important and therefore awarded 8 points. It gives opportunities to the offspring of a couple. A score of 0 indicates that the couple will have serious problems conceiving a child, or that they will never conceive.

Vedic astrology can also provide a solution to problems arising from mismatches between partners. One should definitely do this compatibility test before tying the knot.

Source by Shiv Charan Bhardwaj

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