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Marriage takes two

Couples usually come to me for help when their marriages are on the edge of the cliff, after they think every resource has been used. When I ask couples how they manage their communication, the answer is almost the same in every case: we are no longer the case, or we barely talk to each other.

Keep in mind that asking about time, passing salt, pepper, sugar, newspapers, etc. does not imply communication; It’s just social talk and a sense of empty space where there was a lot of couple content before. Love will die or diminish to a very imperceptible level, if we do not enhance our communication skills; And we must intentionally strengthen it even before marriage.

Poor communication can harm your marriage more than you can imagine and contribute to the phenomenon of losing love without even realizing it. When I ask couples what they need to get back in happily married again, not many of them can see this as the possibility of it happening. Our goal, then, is to restore love again and secure the couple’s confidence to return their lives together.

Do you remember how simple life was when you first fell in love? The special way your husband used to smile by doing that funny lip thing that made him so special? Maybe today this same thing is making you so angry, why?

Marriage is not a case from the Middle East, it is an American situation. However, we are no longer alone we are still independent. It is important to know what triggers your feelings apart from your spouse and what it takes to get back together; Working on emotions rather than solving problems, identifying individual needs and finding a way to satisfy them, it is not time to find out who is guilty of this or that. It is time to take the first step towards solutions before it is really too late and do more damage.

There are many useful tools that we have worked with for some time, which can work for you if you have the desire to save your marriage, however, you must take the first step and decide to go ahead !!

Big problems don’t necessarily need big solutions; Most of the times it can be just one little positive actions after the other. Take small steps, they can make a big difference

Source by Yuri Ferrer

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