Mecca is home to the largest eco-friendly city in the Middle East

The modern model city of cattle in Mecca was registered as the largest and most modern environmentally friendly cattle city of its kind in the Middle East in a project on Al-Laith Road within the boundaries of the Haram in the Mecca region. This gave it a strategic role in providing services including the marketing and slaughter of cattle for institutions and citizens, and the slaughter of ransom, sacrifice, sacrifice and alms for pilgrims and pilgrims.

The project covers an area of ​​205,000 square meters and the city operates under high quality, sanitary and regulatory conditions to meet the growing needs and to support pilgrims and umrah pilgrims. The project is expected to be completed in the final quarter of the year.

The project includes cutting, processing, packaging and meat processing services as its production capacity exceeds 160,000 tons of red meat annually.

The project also supports the livestock sector supply chain and quality control as it covers an area of ​​60,000 square meters and includes around 900 with different areas leased to small Saudi ranchers and traders in stimulating programs with a wholesale market of 14,181 square meters and offers feed shops an area of ​​13,735 square meters.

Slaughterhouse specifications

In addition, with a total construction area of ​​around 24,216 square meters, the slaughterhouse is considered the largest and highest specification in terms of cleanliness, design and technology in the region, while the total daily capacity is 500 tons of meat during the days of the normal year and 1000 tons of meat per day during the Hajj season. It is equipped with a cutting, cleaning, processing, packaging and cooling area for meat and offal.

It also includes refrigerators and freezers for meat with a capacity of 8000 sheep and 700 cows and camels, a blood processing and protein production station with a daily capacity of 2500 liters per day, a protein production station from meat waste with a daily capacity of 10 tons and a meat factory with a Area of ​​3000 square meters, equipped with the latest American and European equipment and machinery, with a production capacity of 30 tons per day of various types of processed meat.

The project is compatible with the Saudization programs in Saudi Arabia as it creates a stimulating work environment suitable for engaging young Saudi women and men into the components of the project, including the slaughterhouse and meat factory at different levels, to invest and work, with 500+ job opportunities Saudi women will also play a leadership role in the work by allocating a productive space separate in the slaughterhouse, factory, marketing and health control of products that are entirely from female cadres, with more than 100 job opportunities, empowering them with training programs to increase production and administrative efficiency and qualify them for management positions in this sector.

A friend of the environment

The environment is also considered one of the main goals of the zero-degree waste management project through the establishment of a number of support units such as a unit for treating waste and converting it into organic fertilizers, a water purification unit with a consumption of more than a million cubic meters per year and a wastewater treatment plant with energy A production capacity of up to half a million cubic meters per year and reuse for irrigation of the surrounding green areas, a plant for treating animal waste and blood, a solar power generation plant of 5 megawatts and a biogas plant of 1 megawatt, which covers the electricity bill and reduces unhealthy emissions like carbon dioxide.

It is noteworthy that the Al-An’am Model City project was funded by the Agricultural Development Fund, where the company “Amiral” wants to implement this model in a number of regions of the kingdom while expanding the treatment of waste and converting it into end products for use.


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