Memorandum of Understanding for Heritage Initiatives and Archaeological Site Protection in Saudi Arabia

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority has agreed with the Saudi Heritage Preservation Society to carry out a number of joint projects and initiatives to protect and preserve archaeological and cultural heritage sites in Saudi Arabia, as well as to conduct studies, share experiences and the role of the local community.

It did so through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by the Commission and the Society, which included cooperation in the inventory and documentation of the intangible heritage and the preparation of heritage conservation plans for the Diriyah region.

Diriyah Gate Development Authority CEO Jerry Inzerillo praised the role of the Saudi Heritage Preservation Society, noting that the Memorandum of Understanding will help achieve the goals and ambitions of both sides, particularly with regard to cooperation on heritage conservation and Exchange of experience, scientific research and technical studies related to the preservation of cultural heritage.

According to the Saudi press agency “SPA”, Inzerillo stressed that in the coming period also cooperation with the Saudi Society for Heritage Preservation in the field of events, exhibitions and conferences, projects, programs and awareness-raising initiatives for culture and heritage related to Diriyah and activation cultural and international days.

Diriyah Gate Authority and Heritage Society

Quantum leap

For his part, the director general of the Saudi Society for the Preservation of Heritage, Abdul Rahman Al-Eidan, stated that the cultural heritage projects carried out by the Diriyah Gate Development Authority in the jewel of the kingdom represent a qualitative leap not only in Saudi Arabia but worldwide, especially the historical one Diriyah Development Project is one of the largest cultural and heritage projects in the world.

He pointed out that through the signed Memorandum of Understanding, the association seeks to further improve its collaboration with the agency in order to achieve the best standards and solutions necessary to protect and preserve the various cultural heritage sites in the Kingdom in general, and Diriyah in particular required are.

Al-Eidan noted that the MoU includes collaboration on initiatives and programs related to education and development in the field of cultural heritage, in addition to projects that support the revitalization and shed light on Diriyah’s intangible heritage; In addition to collaborating on data, statistics and studies, noting that the Memorandum of Understanding opens new horizons to develop the best cultural heritage projects that meet the goals of the agency and its tireless efforts to preserve the heritage of Diriyah because of it great importance.

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority works on many projects related to the development, rehabilitation and protection of archaeological and cultural heritage sites in the “Jewel of the Kingdom” in addition to implementing large development projects and investments in and ensuring the application of the best international standards in them Area.


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