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Menna Fadali, in the video, Yasmine Sabry, “Zay Al Qamar”, but she is a “weak actress”, madam

The artist, Menna Fadali, described her colleague, Yasmine Sabry, as a beautiful woman, but she underestimated her talent and considered her a “weak actress” who needs a lot of diligence, and she said that the standards of fame have changed and it can be bought with money through social networking sites.

Menna Fadali – Photo from her Instagram account

Menna received a direct question about the reasons for the stardom of the duo, Yasmine Sabry and Mai Omar, despite their appearance in the artistic community years later, and she responded during her meeting with the media, Nizar Al-Faris, on the “With Al-Fares” program on the Iraqi Al-Rasheed channel: Mai Omar and Yasmine ah, they appeared before me, but Yasmine has special circumstances. It is possible that her husband will bring her and Mai Omar works as a grocer for a while from the time of the Al-Ostoura series, and she worked with Adel Imam, away from Muhammad Sami

Menna added: I see Jasmine, six beautiful and “the moon,” but a weak and needy actress who works on herself, the origin of sweetness is not everything, I saw her in a series and her sensuality is weak, but I loved her look.

She continued her talk about Yasmine Sabry when he asked her if she had taken more fame than her size, to answer him saying: The issue of fame is greater than her size .. You can say that people can buy fame and many countries, as there are people who can buy volors and likes.

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