More than 169,000 Saudi building permits in 3 years … Al-Qassim leads

The number of building permits issued in Saudi Arabia from 2019 to the first quarter of this year 2021 totaled around 169,405,000 permits for various residential, commercial, government and charitable sectors in the kingdom.

The Saudi Ministry of Local, Rural and Housing Affairs told that the Qassim region was number one in licensing with 27,483 licenses during that period, followed by Asir Municipality with 25,790 licenses and Eastern Municipality Region in second place, third place. With 15,723 licenses.

The ministry added, “The southern parish of the hail region has surpassed parishes in Saudi Arabia in the number of building permits issued by the parish in the period from early 2019 to the first quarter of this year, reaching 7,538 building permits, while West Dammam parish in the Eastern Province Township came second with 6,926 building permits, followed by Khamis Mushait Township in third place with 6,483 building permits.

In detail, the number of licenses reached almost 59,355 licenses in 2019, while more than 92,699 building permits were issued last year, and finally this year with 17,351 licenses issued in Saudi Arabia.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry, as part of its interest in improving services to beneficiaries and making them easier, and in collaboration with the relevant authorities, is aiming to introduce the new “Baladi” system for issuing immediate building permits, a unified electronic system on the Saudi Arabia level, as this is done as part of the automation of all municipal services. On the main plans to develop and improve the beneficiary’s experience, support the business environment and improve service integration processes with all relevant government sectors, and promote the concept of speedy completion by providing simple and easy electronic services that oversee the review of the secretariats or municipalities of the territories of the beneficiaries.

The ministry is also working on the redevelopment of offices that specialize in building permits in all Saudi cities to limit the contractual relationship between the office and the beneficiary without the need for a third party to remove the license, as this effort seeks to do will achieve its goals in a way that contributes to the achievement of the Saudi Vision 2030.


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