My family of 4 spent $65 at Oga’s Cantina at Disney World. After finally getting a table, I wouldn’t go back.

I have a side table at Oga’s Cantina at Hollywood Studios.Jill Robbins

  • After trying to get reservations at Oga’s Cantina for years, we finally lucked out with a date.

  • The theme and decor of the Hollywood Studios bar is straight out of the “Star Wars” movies.

  • My family enjoyed our visit, but the experience is overrated and I won’t be rushing back.

exterior photo of ogas cantina in disney worldexterior photo of ogas cantina in disney world

It can be difficult to get an advance reservation at Oga’s Cantina.Jill Robbins


The immersive theme is fun for “Star Wars” superfans.

driod dj at oga's cantina disney worlddriod dj at oga's cantina disney world

There’s even a droid DJ at Oga’s.Jill Robbins

Oga’s is a galactic waterhole located on the fictional planet of Batuu. The overall ambience of the interior closely resembles the Mos Eisley Cantina in the 1977 film “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”.

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My husband and one of my sons are obsessed with “Star Wars,” but my other son and I aren’t as passionate.

The employees are in full character, which makes for some pretty funny jokes.

list of rules for ogas cantina guests at disney worldlist of rules for ogas cantina guests at disney world

There is a list of “rules” written in the Batuu language.Jill Robbins

Bartenders and servers are characterful and ask guests to read the rules upon entry.

These are written in Aurebesh, the language of Batuu, and do not include any Kowakian lizard monkeys; no staring, fighting or biting; and clean up after animals or droids.

This level of immersion was definitely fun for “Star Wars” fans.

We weren’t lucky enough to get a booth, but we did get a table reserved for standing room.

worker standing in front of oga canteen standworker standing in front of oga canteen stand

There are only a handful of stalls at Oga’s Cantina.Jill Robbins

There are a few booths at Oga – I counted six. But otherwise there is only standing room with a few high tables.

We shared our table with another group of four and there was little space between our groups.

My children (11 and 12) did well, but younger or smaller children may not be able to reach the table.

Oga’s serves drinks that range in price from $6.50 to $85.

oga canteen drinks sitting on high bar tableoga canteen drinks sitting on high bar table

One of the drinks has a fizzy topping.Jill Robbins

Oga’s is first and foremost a bar, and it’s best known for its fun mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

My husband and I ordered cocktails for $17 each. We tried the Fuzzy Tauntaun (peach vodka, peach schnapps, tangerine orange juice, pure cane sugar, and bubbly “buzz button” mousse) and the Bespin Fizz (rum, yuzu puree, pomegranate, white cranberry juice and a swirl cloud).

Our server playfully warned me that the foam from my Fuzzy Tauntaun (made from buzz button grass) was not safe for humans. I’m happy to report that I survived, although there was a definite tingling/numbness in my mouth.

My kids ordered Jabba Juice ($7), which had orange and pineapple juice, kiwi, cantaloupe, and blueberry burst pearls.

There are also two options for souvenir cups ($35 and $45). There’s also a souvenir beer tasting board for $85, which comes with four small pours served in the teeth of resentment.

The keepsake cups and boards are unique, and true “Star Wars” fans might find them splurge-worthy.

There are also snacks on the menu, but the options are limited.

batuu bits of ogas cantina in disney worldbatuu bits of ogas cantina in disney world

Snack Batuu Bits at Oga’s Cantina.Jill Robbins

Because Oga’s is more of a bar, there are only two dishes on the menu.

We ended up ordering the Batuu Bits ($11), which is an assortment of crispy snacks with a dip.

There’s also a Happabore Sampler ($21), which includes pork meats, cheeses, and crackers.

With the four drinks and appetizer, our bill came to $65.

We had fun, but it’s a unique place.

oga canteen bar in disney worldoga canteen bar in disney world

Bartenders serving drinks at Oga’s Cantina.Jill Robbins

I’m glad we finally got the chance to visit Oga’s Cantina, but I don’t think we should return.

Although children are welcome at the bar, I don’t think it’s ideal for younger fans.

Oga’s is a fun experience, but it’s not relaxing. It may not be ideal for parents who want to get up or take a break from holding a small child.

There is also a 45 minute time limit and the two food options on the menu are not very satisfying.

I’d rather spend my money somewhere where we could relax and have a full meal or a more substantial snack without feeling rushed.

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