New Israeli strikes in Damascus … planes targeted locations near the airport of the Syrian capital 0

Aircraft mounted IsraeliTuesday evening, March 16, 2021, new raids on sites in the vicinity of the Syrian capital, Damascus, while Bashar al-Assad’s regime announced its response to Israeli missiles.

The regime’s news agency (SANA) said that Israel launched its new offensive from the direction of the Golan Syrian On some targets, adding that it managed to shoot down a number of Israeli missiles, and that the losses were material only.

For its part, the French News Agency said that the sounds of explosions reverberated in the sky of Damascus, and quoted the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as saying that the Israeli air strikes “targeted two weapons depots of Iranian militias inside military sites of the regime forces a few kilometers from Damascus International Airport.”

As of Wednesday morning, there was no official statement from Israel about the attack, as Israel rarely comments on what is said about its bombing of sites in Syria from time to time.

Constant air strikes

However, the Israeli army stated in its annual report that in 2020 it bombed about 50 targets in Syria, without providing details.

In addition, at the end of last February, Israel launched strikes targeting “the area around Sayeda Zainab, south of the capital, Damascus,” in which Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters are present.

In Damascus, there are several military sites belonging to the regime army, and other sites of foreign militias, under the leadership of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and since 2011, Israel has regularly launched raids in Syria, often targeting Iranian sites or belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah or the Syrian forces.

Israel has repeatedly pledged to prevent Iran from establishing its military presence in Syria, and Tel Aviv says that the Iranian military presence in Syria is a strategic threat, and that Iran is seeking to establish a permanent presence on its northern borders.

In addition to Israeli strikes, the United States sometimes launches airstrikes on sites belonging to militias supported by Iran in Syria.

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