New proposal, annexation could add thousands of houses to SW Boise

The name Murgoitio is causing a stir again in southwestern Boise.

The Murgoitio family are seeking to annex 383.6 acres of land for a planned community in what is now unincorporated Ada County. Landowners are applying for permits to build up to 3,452 homes on the site. Documents filed last week through Land Group, a land development company, ask the city of Boise to annex and rezone the area.

The proposed community site, called Murio Farms, is located north of the New York Canal between Cole Road and Maple Grove Road.

According to records filed with the city, Murio Farms consists of nine plots, eight of which belong to members of the Murgoitio family. The ninth plot is owned by local developer Don Hubble, owner of Hubble Homes. City records show up to nine homes could be built on each acre, for a total of 3,452 homes. An online package offers a variety of home types for Murio Farms including single family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

However, a presentation given to the southwestern neighborhoods suggests that the developers do not plan to build homes on the 383 acres. Instead, “potential projects” on Murio Farms include a new West Ada elementary school, community park, cultural experiences, a variety of housing options, a neighborhood town center with restaurants and shops, community trails, wildlife viewing spots and two neighborhood shopping areas. .

Kathy Corless, president of the South Cole Neighborhood Association, said surrounding neighborhoods had not responded positively to Murio Farms’ proposal. In April, the Murgoitio family made an information presentation to the South West neighborhoods.

“I think we need housing, and everyone supports housing,” Corless said. “But not everything can be pushed to southwestern Boise.”

His biggest concern is the lack of infrastructure, saying it is “too early” for the region to handle such growth.

“It’s so overwhelming in Southwest Boise right now,” Corless said. “People tell me they can’t get out of their aisles. It’s shocking to see so much of this development hitting southwestern Boise at the same time. They transform the Murgoitio park into a large potential development with lots of houses. Location, I think it’s 1,200 houses. And 3000 other houses? We are overwhelmed.

Members of the Murgoitio family (pronounced Mer-GERT-ee-o) once owned what is now known as the Murgoitio plot, where the city promised to build a 160-acre park. The site received recent attention when the city began to consider a land swap that would give the land to a real estate developer. Despite its name, the Murgoitios have not owned the land since 1992.

“For nearly a century, the Murgoitio family has farmed in southwest Boise, contributing to the Boise community and being stewards of the land,” the Land Group website states. “As they transform their homestead to fit the changing landscape of Southwest Boise, they ask you, their neighbors, for feedback to help them create a planned community that celebrates the agricultural heritage of Boise. site, the regional landscape and the pioneering spirit. of their Basque heritage as part of the Boise global plan.

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