New Samsung foldable phone leaks

Samsung is betting heavily on increasing the percentage of sales of its foldable smartphones, as the South Korean company is working on developing a new model of this category to include it in its list.

New Samsung foldable phone leaks

Publish a site Nikkei Asia Leaks regarding the specifications of the new phone, most notably that it will be completely different from the previous Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold phones, because it will be equipped with a double fold.

It is also expected that the aspect ratio of the new phone’s screen will be compatible with the prevailing ratio of other foldable phones 16: 9 or 18: 9.

In addition to the ability to run more video games and other applications more smoothly with better resolution on the device.

The report added that CEO Koh Dong-jin confirmed that the company hopes to increase its production of foldable phones despite the continuing global shortage of screen chips.

And that the goal is to increase the sales of foldable smartphones to a level similar to those in the famous Galaxy Note series, which exceeds 10 million sales annually.

According to the Asian site, Samsung filed multiple patents for a double-hinged design earlier this year.

Higher price means higher revenue

The report also pointed out that the goal of launching a new foldable phone is physical, as high retail prices mean that Samsung will get high revenues.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, which was launched last year, sold at a price of $ 1999, while the Galaxy Note 20 sold for only $ 999.

A real problem may disrupt Samsung dreams

The leaks added that Samsung’s dreams and hopes may hit the wall due to an unprecedented global shortage of chips and components that make phone screens.

The Korean company also acknowledged that Global chip supply crisis It may be a problem for the company in the period from April to June, and that it will make additional efforts to address this problem.

While the company did not mention whether the lack of chips was the reason for deciding not to launch a new Note phone this year, which is usually introduced to compete with the iPhone series in the second half of every year.

Although it is the largest manufacturer, its sales have declined

It showed data released by the research company IDC The South Korean company still ranks first as the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, as it sold in the year 2020 about 266.7 million phones, but its shipments witnessed a decline of 9.8%, while its competitor Apple achieved an increase of 7.9%.

Chinese Xiaomi also sold about 147 million phones, an increase of 17.6.

As for foldable phones, Samsung shipped 3.5 million phones of this category and aims to double the total to 7.5 million phones this year.

The launch date of the dual fold phone

The report indicated that the company plans to launch its new phone, which will be the third foldable phone launched by Samsung at its conference to be held at the end of 2021.

This is after announcing that it does not intend to launch the Galaxy Note for this year, in addition to that the conference will also witness the launch of the new generation of the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold.

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