News about the retirement of the Egyptian actress Jihan Fadel

Egyptian media said, Sunday, March 14, 2021, that the well-known Egyptian actress, Jihan Fadel, has retired from acting and sought refuge in Canada after narrowing her work fields in the country due to her political positions.

Fadel was known for her great support for the January 2011 revolution and participated in revolutionary demonstrations and events. She also married fashion designer Amr Hamdy, who died in 2012 after she had three children with him.

Work in a store

As she said Local news sitesThe artist, Jehan Fadel, took refuge in Canada and is currently working as a saleswoman in one of the foodstuffs stores in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Egyptian media also reported that Fadel worked in a traditional Egyptian food restaurant at the beginning of her departure to Canada.

While Arab Post was not able to confirm the authenticity of her work in a store, the artist is known to have migrated to Canada already years ago, especially after the arrival of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to power.

It is reported that Fadel deported to Canada due to the restrictions imposed on her in her artistic work. For her position in support of the January revolution, as she only participated in 3 artworks after the revolution, namely: the series “My Pilot, My Pilot” 2012, and “Hot Wave” 2013, and the last work she appeared in was “Under Control” 2015, which is produced by El Adl Group .

Fadel has a birthday

The talk about the Egyptian artist’s retirement came as her birthday came on Thursday, March 11, when she was born in 1973 in Cairo, her father was an architect and her mother is a university professor, while Jehan graduated from the American University.

Director Khairy Bishara discovered her through some university theatrical performances in which she was participating, and in the nineties she presented “Al-Taweelah”, “A Death Warning”, “A Land of Land”, and “Jabr Al-Khawatir”. Among her works are the movie “Sahar Al Layali” Drama, the series “Arabesque”, “Hayat El Gohary”, and “A Woman Who Shook the Throne of Egypt”.

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