NFT madness and institutional money that will bring in another 100 million cryptocurrency users, says CEO of

Check out Cointelegraph’s latest interview with CEO Kris Marszalek to understand the catalysts that will move the crypto to 200 million users. For more crypto and blockchain content, see and subscribe to the Cointelegraph YouTube channel!

When adoption?

It took more than a decade for the crypto to reach 100 million users, ie ~ 1% of the world’s population, according to a study. However, Marszalek expects another 100 million users to arrive in a much faster time frame.

He said:

“The transition from 100 to 200 million will be much, much faster than the transition from 50 to 100, you know.” [million]. “

He explained that the extension of the cryptocurrency network effect would be the result of a combination of converging trends.

Everyone on board the institutional money train

The arrival of notable institutions in the crypto space has indicated to many that traditional acceptance is taking place. Household names such as Paypal and Tesla they are strengthening their bitcoin acquisitions and support for bitcoin payment rails for customers without cryptocurrency.

Marszalek stated:

“There are only a number of financial institutions that now invest some of their assets in bitcoins.” So that leads quite a lot of action. “

NFTeeing up adoption

The NFT has established itself as the hottest topic in 2021. The NBA, Jack Dorseyand some of the most prestigious auction houses in the world they all make money from madness. Marszalek is thrilled with the prospect of joining the cryptocurrency’s “fan base” of leading celebrities with 100, 200 million followers, 250 million followers. He believes that this could lead to an increase in new users:

“Today, culture is led by influential people who operate online.” This is the perfect time for NFTs to really get into the mainstream. “

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