Nour Al Riyadh enters the Guinness Book of Records with two works of art

The “Noor Al Riyadh” celebration set a world record in the Guinness Book of Records through two works of art exhibited during the celebration, namely “The Lighthouse” and “The Moving Star”, at the first annual launch of the ” Noor Al Riad ‘celebration.

The work “The Lighthouse” by the artist Carolina Haltak consists of 272,160 LED lights that illuminated the city of Riyadh and aroused the admiration of visitors to the King Abdulaziz Historical Center between March 18 and April 3, 2021 AD.

The work of the artist Kurt Vermeulen “The Moving Star” also set a world record in the encyclopedia as the brightest hanging decoration in the world, as it was made with 1.2 million lamps suspended at a height of 256 meters in the Kingdom Tower. observed by residents and visitors to Riyadh during the festivities.

Star work

Light on light

The “Noor on Noor” exhibition ended its activities as the last event to open with the start of the Noor Al Riyadh celebration on March 18. The exhibition has been in the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) following light art since the 1960s and included works by a selection of Saudi and international artists, with the exhibition being part of the Noor Al Riyadh celebration, which included works featured in the spread across town, and their exhibition ended on April 3rd.

One heaven unites us

It is noteworthy that the Noor Al Riyadh celebration was themed “One Sky Brings Us Together” and included more than 60 artists from more than 20 countries and provided an inspiring cultural and human experience for the residents and visitors of Riyadh came from different parts from the Kingdom and from abroad, through guided tours and musical and cinematic performances. Virtual meetings, workshops and family activities took place in 13 different locations in the city. The celebration also offered more than 200 volunteers the opportunity to get creative and gain professional experience: More than 300,000 people took part in the celebration, the “Noor on Noor” exhibition was visited by more than 12,000 visitors and almost 93 percent of the Visitors expressed satisfaction and admiration for the artistic and creative works they saw.

It is worth noting that the Riyadh Noor Festival is one of the programs of the Riyadh Art Project, which aims to establish more than 1,000 public works of art across the city of Riyadh, and from an annual celebration of light and art and Tuwaiq International. Sculpture Forum is supported and would like to help achieve one of the goals of the Kingdom Vision 2030, which is to develop a creative economy and make the city one of the most livable cities in the world.


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