Oman welcomes the Saudi initiative … for an agreement in Yemen

Today, Tuesday, the Sultanate of Oman expressed its welcomeThe initiative announced by Saudi Arabia Find a political solution to the crisis in Yemen.

She reiterated that she would continue to work with Saudi Arabia, the United Nations and the Yemeni parties concerned to achieve the desired political solution that would restore the security and stability of Yemen in a way that would benefit the security and interests of the Yemeni Yemen preserves countries in the region.


Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah yesterday announced a new peace initiative to end the Yemen war. “The Saudi initiative includes a nationwide ceasefire under the supervision of the United Nations,” he said during a press conference.

He added that “the Saudi Arabia-led coalition will facilitate the blockade of the port of Hodeidah, flow tax revenue from the port to a shared bank account with the central bank, and allow Sanaa airport to reopen for a certain number of regional direct flights and international destinations. “

International reception

And theThis initiative was widely welcomed by Arabs and internationallyIn the last few hours.

In return, the Yemeni government has welcomed the Kingdom’s initiative for a comprehensive ceasefire in Yemen, opening Sana’a Airport to a range of destinations, completing the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement and allowing all ships to enter the country as long as they adhere to the species Adhere to Security Council resolution.

Yesterday evening, the Foreign Office said: “The Houthi militia has tenaciously and postponed all previous initiatives, working to prolong and deepen the humanitarian crisis by rejecting the government’s initiative to open Sanaa Airport, looting and looting the relief supplies The allocated revenue stolen from the port of Hudaydah has to pay the salaries of the employees in exchange for misleading the international community by sparking crises at the expense of the suffering Yemenis. “


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