Our country is narrower than an oxygen tube

With every case of loss that I see with the missing, I recall the incident of loss that I experienced in my childhood when my father died, “may God have mercy on him”, a phrase of the Lebanese poet comes to mind Elia Abu MadiAll that at Earth From philosophy, No Condolences missing from the one who lost it, “I feel as if it was said to express the reservoir of pain that the soul suffers in return for the loss of its loved ones. The phrase comes as if it tells us that everything you say or write is not worth an iota of pain from what we suffer as a result of loss, and it does not carry us except to suffer from our pain.

I do not know if it was something out of nothingness to write or something indifferent to be more silent, but what calls me to write here is an Arab tragedy that we all lived through video clips of patients in Egypt and Jordan, and in Palestine as well, despite the Palestinian government’s denial of the incident and the citizens’ proof of it, an accident. Cut off oxygen for intensive care patients with the dreaded “Corona” Covid-19 epidemic.

So far I can’t forget a picture Egyptian nurse She sits on the ground and puts her hands on her head for the horror of what she saw. Perhaps the accident of the sick’s death in her arms was not what made her sad, and her inability to provide anything to them, as much as the bereavement of the sick’s families. In resuscitation “and between” everyone has died in resuscitation “..” resuscitation “that is the toxic name for the soul that says to you with the letter” If he lived “! It seems that in our Arab countries all possibilities of normal life fall.

A few months later, the voice of the families of the dead people followed Salt Hospital In Jordan, the sound of loss and panic, the sound of the terrifying moment of neglect for all of us, the sound of death on the beds and around them, let us agree that death does not afflict the dead, but rather the pain of the loved ones whom he left behind this dear who is lying on the dirt waiting for the embrace of the homeland to shelter him after those who are on him fail him And let us also agree that death in our Arab countries has become a thousand times more merciful than the life of continuous death, and I do not think it is a state of despair or exaggeration as much as it is a state of disconnection from what should be and what is, and the situation of constant anesthesia for the citizen who only wants to live as he should To live, first and foremost as a human being.

It is weeping and very terrible to say while we are in the twenty-first century, “The tragedy of the Arab countries was in an oxygen pipeline.” To this point, the situation has reached us, has our country become narrower than an oxygen tube? Imagine that the lost loved ones told in such a calamity to their children tomorrow that an oxygen tube killed “your grandfather, your grandmother, your uncle, your aunt, your maternal uncle, your aunt ..” Life would not be narrow if it were not for oxygen, and we lacked livelihood and oxygen.

Then the next calamity that befalls the person after losing his beloved by death is the language of numbers that Arab governments are eager to speak with without shame. “We lost 7 out of millions of injured.” The deceased person in the language of the government is one, but in the language of his family are all the millions that the governments count, Insulting it to the language of numbers makes the tragedy a thousand tragic. How many times will such an incident be repeated and the reactions are momentary, and the statements of governments are neither fat nor enriched by additional oppression?

What makes us look at the real, tragic situation of the Arab person and what are the horrors that he can see in his homelands, is that despite the passage of a year since the outbreak of the “Corona” epidemic, we still lack reasonable preventive measures, or even an infrastructure for health and medical centers and hospitals to accommodate the number of injuries Advertised daily, really what are we waiting for? Are Arab governments asking themselves about the emotional state experienced by the families of the injured and on hospital beds? Are you aware of the meaning of the fear that dominates them as a result of the medical and health sagging situation in the institutions of Arab countries? The families of the injured must sleep on the fear of loss and wake up to it!

Unfortunately, our governments have secured accountability, mismanaged the authorities, ensured legal prosecution because they are the executioner and the ruler, so they mismanaged crises, our eyes are towards western countries in which animals are honored after humans, a look at the philosophy of living, ethics and rights. Our country is with us as a human being, no! Our human beings are without value and homelands are without prestige, and governments do not believe in judgment and destiny except in their failure.

Is this what we have been expecting from our country, which we have always believed is more welcoming and dearer to us than ourselves, have our homelands become so narrow, if our country is called ours, then what is the dungeon? If our country is tightening on an oxygen tube, then what is wide? Is it really our country, even if it’s dear to us!

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