People will no longer have to work from home

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes remarks on updated restrictions on the Corona virus.

Key quotes

“If we can’t reopen our community in the next few weeks, we have to ask ourselves, when will we be able to return to normal?”

“We will speed up the release of the vaccine. The dosing period for people under 40 years of age will be reduced from 12 weeks to 8 weeks. “

“There will be no limit to the number of people they can socially meet or meet.”

“Regulations requiring face masks will be repealed.”

“People will no longer have to work from home.”

“The Minister of Education will announce plans to remove school bubbles.”

market response

GBP / USD is trending GBP / USD Slightly higher during trading hours in the US and recently increased by 0.23% per day to 1.3853.


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