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Pisces monthly horoscope for December 2010

This is a month when Pisces need to be very disciplined – this is definitely not the time for laziness and it is important that you don’t get distracted by the Christmas festivities.

To be more precise, on December 5th, there is a New Moon, in the career sector of your solar chart. So in terms of business, you can start from scratch and start focusing on brand new projects. In the process, it is important that you are ambitious. Think about what could be possible, in a perfect world. Right now you might not have the resources, but sooner or later you can get hold of them.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one approach and you should consider things that are outside of your normal experience. Indeed, some of the answers you are looking for may be in a foreign country – you can either visit that country, if you have the chance, or make contact via email or phone.

However, once you have your ideas defined, it will be time to get the job done. Decide what’s important and don’t let irrelevant considerations get in your way. It will therefore be a question of betting on reality rather than on fantasy, especially at the time of the Full Moon, on December 21.

I must also remind you that the planet Jupiter continues to move through your astrological sign, but next month, January 22, it is moving. This move through Pisces is very lucky, but it won’t last forever! So take every opportunity that comes your way and try to be as positive as possible. If something can go right, it will probably be okay!

Outside of career, there might be some interesting activities going on in your social life, although as I suggested before, you need to make sure it doesn’t escalate. Some of your friends have strong personalities and it will be difficult to refuse them. But one party too many could drain your energy and prevent you from doing anything useful.

End relationships, and there’s no reason it won’t be a good month. You will know how to put people at ease, and at the end of the month, as Venus begins to aspect Jupiter, there could be a very important encounter. Maybe we are talking about a New Years romance?

Source by Archie Dunlop

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